To e-book, or not to e-book…

6 Dec

     So, a question has recently plagued me as I read more and more about Black Wednesday. I am trying to self publish, because in the world of today, where people are serious multi-taskers, with serious multi-skills, what better than to do it all yourself.

     The phenomenon of the e-book scares me. Piracy, the greed of america to get everything for free. While I write, depressing as it may seem, I watch MSNBC all day. Cramer scares me. the end of the world is coming… whatever.

    Everyone needs to sit back in their chairs… are you doing it?… ok, NOW BREATH! Its not a big deal. Books can’t die. Think of it this way, what if Jericho/epocalypto happens? No one will no we exist if we allow books to die, it would be societal suicide! this is why I will only publish my e-book to kindle, and I encourage everyone do the same. One download, one copy. If you really want to share your kindle with your neighbor GO FOR IT, at least you can’t email it to everyone on your list and even your great aunt on the farm in Switzerland.

DONT E-BOOK a PDF. Bad idea. Whats better? Buy a Kindle 🙂 Amazon probably loves me…

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