I wish I could put a chalkboard in my shower to write…

8 Dec

So, after living with puddles across my house leading all the way to my laptop from the days when the best idea for my books dawn on me while under the supposidly relaxing sprays of steaming hot shower water…

Deep breath!

I’ve decided I need a white board, or something to write on in the shower…

Problem one: White board would inevitably bleed from the steam and stain my travertine walls…

Problem Two: Chalkboards freak me out, always the fear of scratching your nails against it and shuddering in hate, just unbearable

Problem Three: Anything electronic is NO GOOD abviously, trust me I tried once, don’t

Problem four: Writing on paper never works unless you want to reconstitute the pulp into utter mush

So, what I need is an idea…


One Response to “I wish I could put a chalkboard in my shower to write…”

  1. sahar009 December 8, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    If you get yourself a recorder, then you stick it in a ziplock but cut a hole in one of the bottom corners and make sure the speaker lands there – when you have an idea, you stick your head out, reach for the recorder, tape yourself (you just hold it a little above your mouth so that you don’t dribble water on it) and voilà!

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