Jack of all trades… and self publishing

8 Dec

So I’m 26, keep that in mind.

I know how to do most things, from tiling a shower to designing a website

And on top of all that i write….

Another blogger spoke of a “Going Pro” plan, this is mt embellishment of that fact… My going pro plan was to remodel two houses, make a chunk of change and quit my job to write. all acomplished 🙂

and now my husband and I have bought my own LLC, made my own website, mastered all of google checkout and ads and managed to design it all on our own…

we really want to attract other authors that feel just as frustrated about the publishing process as we do, we want to find all those nitch authors that deserve to be heard, and trust me a lot of you do…

contact us, or go to www.crimsonoakpublishing.com or www.featherbookseries.com for more inspiration and info…

I just want to encourage people that self publishing is not scary, Its actually really easy 🙂 and doable if you have someone that understands

Go for it.

One Response to “Jack of all trades… and self publishing”

  1. sahar009 December 8, 2008 at 1:37 am #

    The joys of books. Too bad that joy doesn’t transfer onto publishing them, huh 😉 I am intrigued, I might spend a bit of time on your blog…

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