The state of the book industry…and and my big fat self publishing economic experiment.

8 Dec

So, we all are freaking out more than we should about the stock market. Course today was a good day, and that’s always nice. But this is my view on where the Book industry is shooting itself in the foot and what my experiment will prove. (I could also use your support on this.)

The big name publishers are banking on a few good books, or rather what they deem to be good. They pay analysts and psychologists hundreds of thousands to manipulate the minds of consumers, this is mistake number one. Wasted money.

We are happy to read and analyse books as the reader, in fact I’d LOVE to be the one who determines a good read from a bad, but often we never get the chance until all our work has been picked over and consumed by celebrity talk show hosts and news anchors.

Why do we have to trust them?

Secondly is the phenomenon of the the HUGE upfront royalty checks. Its amazing what they will pay writers these days (numbers in the six figures). A first time writer may get paid forward, about 50 grand. Now sometimes with first books the publisher is lucky to break even after spending all their money on heavy expensive advertising, when there is so much you can do for free!

my example: I’ve been a blogger on this site for three days, I’ve already been featured, and I get hundreds of views a day. All from the joys and comfort of the World Wide Web. without spending a penny!

well then you may say, well beginning writers need money to live. Yes true. But, it is a privilege to be published, and what better was to stir up great motivation then a struggling writer. That’s where I see the art market really playing a roll here, because books have, and always have been an art.

The art market doned the term “the starving artist” but often, it is those amazing artists, like Vermeer, whom never in his lifetime had much money and acquired a great deal of debt. BUT because of that, he was undeniably AMAZING. most of the great minds were poor, at least at one time. Because they never lost the yearning to write, the sacrificial NEED.


my big fat ugly experiment is to do it all on my own. I am cutting out every last middle man, and seeing how hard it is to take one huge corporation of hundreds, and squeeze that into just a few.

Player Number One: My Husband he is the numbers man. the buyer, and the sales rep. he will be my top promoter on foot.

Player Number Two: My best friend Amy. She will be my editor. She is a grad from the University of Washington and an aspiring editor. So far she is Amazing at what she does, and who better then your friend??

Player Number Three: is me. I wrote the book, i have a degree in design which means I have the cover/website/and word layout down to a ‘T’

I’m trying to create a world where we can transform ourselves into our own critics. if a book sucks, it just plain won’t sell, end of story. But also this will wash out the myth of the 300,000 royalty check before the book has even been properly outlined.

I know there will be objections to my scheme, but i am not trying to degrade a publishers standpoint, I am merely pointing at the large large companies, cause for the most part, many of us work our asses off.

Thanks for listening to the rant 😉

And support my cause, pre-order my book at the website to help me raise enough subsidisation ahead of time to put in a big print order. Get it in time for Valentines day!


2 Responses to “The state of the book industry…and and my big fat self publishing economic experiment.”

  1. randy December 9, 2008 at 1:04 am #

    Good luck. I’m curious to see how it goes.

    • featherbookseries December 9, 2008 at 1:06 am #

      Thanks!! I hope it goes well 🙂 so far i think its working!

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