The taste of memory… and the land of nod:2

8 Dec

Do you ever eat something, and it takes you directly to that place where you first had it, of course we all have, but it mean…

BOOM: its all you can see as though you were suddenly there again. interesting concept…

the dull-drums of a photographic memory. BUT great when writing. I figure the more spacial your memory, the more detail you can achieve in description. Until your reader forgets their on the couch and are suddenly knee deep in cold mud in the middle of a murky forest…

Same with dreams, as I said yesterday. I dream in color, undoubtedly because I can always remember the blood of a bad one ha ha…

BUT this morning I woke up angry, and I mean furious with my husband, for no reason. I layed there for a moment trying to recollect why because dreams are hard to keep vividly in mind. And then I remembered….

Just a dream…

sometimes I guess I can see why people who lose grip on reality can have a hard time. You can’t really control your thoughts, though you’d like to.

I’m exploring this concept in the second installment of my series. YA fantasy is so fun to use these concepts in because I feel some of the most disturbed and imaginative minds live in eighteen year olds…

It’s amazing.

so, do you ever dream in color?

or do YOU ever struggle with eating because everything seems to want to send you to another part of your memory?

One Response to “The taste of memory… and the land of nod:2”

  1. pochp December 8, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

    I suddenly smell a flower in a polluted street and i wonder where did that came from!? As for colored dreams, i suggest you listen Extreme’s ‘Colour me blind.’ See how intellectual some metal bands are.

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