Writers block… and how to beat the living H-E-double hockey stick out of it…

8 Dec


the worse case scenario, you’re writing what you believe to be your breakthrough, but you realize you don’t know how it ends…

for any of us that have seen “Stranger than Fiction” then you know that you can’t force an ending. The best i think anyone can do, is get out there, create the world you are writing about, go there and just be. don’t think about your book when you’re there, i know that sounds impossible, but really. just watch the people. watch the trees, watch the boats, whatever it is thats there just watch. take in every element and color, every feeling as the wind/rain/sun hits you.

I believe, if you really feel a place. the rest comes in stride. you’ll be amazed how much real life, living YOUR life, makes a difference.

watch ten movies

cook something you know you don’t know how to…

sometimes rising a personnal challenge out of yourself, creates a refreshed mind.

just some basic kick a*s stuff

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