The final “Twilight” book was so twisted. I thought I was in “Twister” the movie…and other good points…

10 Dec

Okay… Story ruined. As much as I liked the twist to gore, it was like watching Nip Tuck season three.

The story suddenly seemed forced, you lost the beauty of it and I feel people are still left grasping onto the sweet innocence of book one. I would have loved to see her cut out some of the gibberish from book three and end it there, end it with a mystery. Allow the viewers to actually use a little imagination.

Truthfully I have a hard time thinking that Vampire men have the means to make babies…

And also, Did anyone notice in book one AND the movies that OH Edward glitters in the sun, but then did you miss the part where he shows up to school on a rare sunny day and there was no Sparkle Sparkle??

and did everyone miss the day he carried her to the nurse when she fainted from the blood, her blood, that was on her…. and later we were led to believe he couldn’t even stand being in a five mile radius of her when shes bleeding….

and thats another good point, and perhaps this is going too far, but for five days out of everymonth did she just dissapear away from the family?? think about it. Menstral cycles aren’t forgiving, especially for vampire lovers. “Hey Edward, can you run to the store and buy me some tampons? or would you like to just…”


I’m just trying to understand the fascination.



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