The Full Moon is Here!…and I hate fancy cameras…

12 Dec

Oh yay! the full moon day goody goody, and to think I already broke a glass this morning…

I was struggling to take pictures of my cats this morning for the book cover overlay, that wasn’t working either, they were acting like the possesed… That and I have this cannon with the big lense, and I hate fancy cameras cause they’re not as easy to minupulate, I try to turn off the flash but then it just beeps at me, I’m about to drag out my one pixel one from 2000 ha ha.

I’m thinking of a great post for later though, I noticed on Yahoo answers, that a lot of people have a hard time figuring how to start a book, or a new chapter. ButI need to formulate exactly how it is I formulate ha ha.

so let me get back to you…

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