The Reality of Self-Publishing…a step by step guide…

14 Dec

It takes a lot of work, and an extensive range of talent, or just a few talented friends willing to work for peanuts.

What you need:

A website, whether a blog or not. But I do recommend a Parent site where you actually sell from.

A google account, so you can add the google checkout to your page. people will trust a reliable source such as that before freely giving you their CC number. And they’re so well networked, that using google adsense, make a lot of sense.

A web designer, someone with art talent or formal training is best.

An editor, this is imperative, you don’t want to smudge your big debut with word discrepancies. bad.

And then its important you find a good publishing company to print your book, like Gorham printing or Thomson Shore, TS will send you a paper sample booklet, which is nice. 

AND GET YOUR ISBN #: this way book stores can track your number and acquire important re-order info… you have to buy in packs of ten, but if your planning on a series, this is good! Expect to spend around 400 bucks.

Then join the Google books search engine. this is key. But only after the editor and ISBN, and spend some time adjusting the settings with your adsense account. I only spend 3$ a day, but get a lot of traffic to my site. I also recommend reading “Hypnotic writing” It will help give you an outline of what to say…

And then lastly, print the book, sometimes you will be able to collect pre-orders to help offset the cost of printing, and remember the more you print, the less it costs per book…

And then if you have 5000 copies of your book sitting around, it may be smart to join a distributor. If you go to they have a whole section on self publishing and go to the links. Some bookstores require you go through a distributor, such as Boarder’s.

I hope this was helpful to all you out there!

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2 Responses to “The Reality of Self-Publishing…a step by step guide…”

  1. jmreep December 14, 2008 at 7:27 pm #

    Some good suggestions here, although I have to respectfully disagree with the notion of printing as many as 5000 copies of a self-published novel.

    That’s an extraordinary amount of copies. Heck, even 1000 copies is a LOT for an unknown, self-published writer. There are new authors who are published by traditional publishing companies who don’t even sell that many copies. If you manage to sell 5000 copies to 5000 readers, then you’ve got a hit on your hands.

    Unless an author can guarantee that each and every one of those copies will find their way to a bookstore shelf, then that writer might be wasting her money. Some bookstores refuse to stock self-published books. Others who are willing to stock them may only ask for three or four copies to start (and they’ll request more if those copies sell). Divide 5000 by three or four and you get an idea of how many bookstores you’ll have to contact in order to unload your inventory.

    As for me, I’m more interested in going the POD and ebook route. With POD, the only physical copies that are printed are copies that have been purchased. With ebooks, manufacturing a physical copy isn’t even an issue, and ebooks are a growing segment of the bookselling industry.

    • featherbookseries December 14, 2008 at 7:54 pm #

      Oh I personnally would never print 5000, because as you said, thats author suicide. Plus, who has eight grand to throw into something unexpected. I believe in ebooks…to a point 🙂 They are all profit, and instant gratification. I’m just a romantic about also having a hard copy, I love books beyond being just reading them. I mearely was saying that for those who were, for lack od a better word, dumb enough to print 5000. Then they definately have their work cut out for them and need to look into distribution. One guy I really admire was the author of “The DaVinci Method,” he began with self publishing then handed it off later, and has really run with it because he not only created a book, but a vision that was multidimensional.

      Self publishing is no easy job, there’s a lot of networking and foot work. But I love the challenge and have welcomed it head on and its working for me in a huge way.

      I really support the Kindle method though. Its hard to pirate and seems like the new direction of the book industry. My father-in-law suggested downloads to iphone, but i’m not sure how comfortable that is for the reader, small print, either that or a lot of scrolling.

      The beauty of self-publishing is that you make what your willing to work for. The harder you work, and the more time you invest, the more bounty you walk away with. Hard work should be rewarded. And no I’m not a democrat. I believe there are a lot of people out there that give up too soon, it takes a long time to market a book because people these days are skeptical, and everyone wants to be a critic.

      anyways, so no, I do not approve of authors getting 5000 copies. But one can hope to dream, and without dreams what do we have to live for??

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