Oh Kindle…how I love thee…a look at the newest addition to the book world

15 Dec

This device is absolutely amazing. It is what I believe to be the future of un-pirate-able books, and the future of reading. Sure, we lose out on the undeniable fact that we will miss the touch of paper, and being a romantic about the actual book itself, converting will be difficult for me, but it gives me the chance to archive my all time favorite books by buying only the ones I like in the hard copy version.

Its amazing how easily the screen reads, and how direct and accesable the books are. Of course there are glitches, everything has one, even real books.

But what I love most is how easy they make it for self publishing, and also the speed books can be delivered to the public.

But it’s not just books, there is also news, and blogging. Anything you could want in print, is there, except your office memo from your boss, nothing wrong with that. Unless he/she blogs…

If you ask me, its worth the 350 bucks if your an avid reader. I just wouldn’t recommend taking it to the beach…


3 Responses to “Oh Kindle…how I love thee…a look at the newest addition to the book world”

  1. eBookGuru December 16, 2008 at 1:35 am #

    Personally I use my Blackberry and the Mobipocket software for most of my books.

    I do agree with your assessment of the future though. eBooks are the future, and as is clearly being shown in the world of publishing right now, those who aren’t embracing the medium are falling behind.

    I don’t think I’ve bought more that 2 traditional books this year. On the other hand I have bought 20 ebooks in the last 2 months alone.

  2. Essa Adams December 16, 2008 at 3:48 am #

    Unpirateable Kindle. Yes. Are eBooks unpiratable in any way? I am using all mediums now.


    • featherbookseries December 16, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

      there are way that I’ve been looking into, some of them are rather strange, i’ve heard that some people will print the credit card number of the buyer on every page before sending it to them, to ensure they don’t send it to anyone else. I really want to do ebook too, but i’m nervous about pirating, especially for budding writiers. But the good news is that the kindle is really popular, its even sold out.

      Look into google books though, i think they’re method could be unparatable, i’ve glanced at it, but i’m still editing so i was going to deal with it when the time comes. But for google books you will definately need an ISBN number if you don’t already have one…

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