Sony’s Version of the Kindle…

20 Dec

It seems Sony also has a competitor for the Kindle, no surprise there, these things happen. Unfortunately they are not yet set up for those ambitious self-publishers out there, you can’t yet upload as easily as you can with the kindle on amazon, but definitely proove me wrong if you can…

3 Responses to “Sony’s Version of the Kindle…”

  1. jmreep December 20, 2008 at 8:51 pm #

    Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch can be used as ebook readers, too.

    And the company behind the Foxit PDF reader has just come out with its own ebook reader:

    The one thing that all of these readers have in common is that they are crazy expensive. At a time when one can buy a decent mp3 player for less than $100, the prices for ebook readers are just ridiculous. I’d like one, but I’m waiting for the price to drop below $100.

    • featherbookseries December 20, 2008 at 10:13 pm #

      Thanks 🙂 I know you use the blackberry.

      I figured this was a good reason to publish on, where do you normally download from, if you don’t mind me picking your brain.

  2. jmreep December 21, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    Blackberry? Me? Actually, no.

    I still do most of my reading from physical texts, most of which I purchase from used book stores (in fact, I went shopping today). When I download books, I either use BitTorrent (yes, BitTorrent — lots of books there) or I find free stuff on the web. I’m sort of a cheapskate, and because I’m more likely to go for free stuff I assume other readers prefer the free stuff too, which is why I believe in making the online versions of my writing available for free, when possible. I’m not worried about “piracy”; if someone wants to seed my novels on BitTorrent, go ahead!

    At Lulu, a lot of authors charge as much money for the PDF downloads as they charge for a physical copy. I’m willing to bet that they aren’t getting a lot of sales. I used to charge a few dollars for The Spring, but it wasn’t until I made the download available for free that people actually started downloading my novel. Leah will be available for free from day one.

    The way I see it, ebook versions of books are nothing but bits and bytes, are endlessly reproducible, and are free from the traditional costs of manufacture and distribution. Why not give them away for free when it doesn’t cost me anything to do so?

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