Book One is out the door, time for book two…

30 Dec

Feather: Book One is officially in production, due to release on paperback in one month, perfect for Valentines day 😉 (Jan. 31 get your’s today through website and Barnes & Noble!)

It’s now time to focus my energies on Book Two, Guardian. so far I have a convincing outline, a couple good dreams, and 20,000 words. It’s a good start. I’m not sure how long GUARDIAN will end up being, likely longer than the last by a few. (last was 352 pgs.)

So far I’m excited about the chemistry between all the characters, a lot of tension, twist, and humor. I live with a smart aleck, so it’s pretty easy…

I’ve been doing a lot of research, watching the old Highlander, The thrilling Golden Compass (it’s been on Dish a lot lately) and also Pirates of the CaribbeanFringe, and Gladiator

with a little The Saint thrown in there 😉

I love mixed inspiration…


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