How To Write A Novel At Work And Get Away With It…

31 Dec

So this depends on how IN TUNE your IT department is. I know that at my workplace, they can actually look at your screen and see what your doing, but I had one of the IT guys paint my house, mainly to quiz him on what he knows. Which isn’t much…

Here’s what I know…

Yes they can see what your doing, so surfing the net is dangerous…

They CAN see what you have on your screen, but legally they have to ask permission, at least according to my set of rules (yeah i signed it, I know.)

And if they want to have a reason to fire you, your hard drive will give them what you need…


My stealthy solution seems to skate by the radar, at least according to the IT guy.

what you need to do is utilize your email. If you are writing your book in your email, preferably one thats not connected to the company, but i also have an answer for that…

write your book back and forth to your self there, not only does it look like your the diligent customer service employee emailing your clients all day, its never saved to your platform in anything more than cookies. and unless their desperate, no one will know.

now if you DO choose to use the work email. write a generic work related paragraph or two before you begin writing, the key is to end the paragraph with “and to further outline how whatever job you do is better validated by my process, I will give you a scenario…”

this makes it seem that if anyone ever does read it, that they are confused…

ok undeniably there are loopholes such as heavy romance novels and fight scenes, and typically swear words are not deemed acceptable. This is why you need codes, or leave the sex scenes for home time, same with violence.

but code words for swear words are easy, you can bulk change them later when you edit.

Noe you may think this is too much work, BUT JUST IMAGINE HOW MUCH YOU COULD WRITE! and besides, i believe that you can’t force creativity, it comes when it comes, whether at work or not…

hope you all give this a try…

and a small disclaimer: I am not responsible for any negative outcome ) Use at your own risk.

2 Responses to “How To Write A Novel At Work And Get Away With It…”

  1. eBookGuru December 31, 2008 at 5:10 am #

    Before I quit my day job – I think for the last three months or so, every spare moment I had was spent writing.


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