A Double Divorced Family Christmas…

1 Jan

My family is not divorced, but being recently married, the holidays seem challenging enough for me, let alone my friend whom has recently been engaged and both, her side, and her fiance’s side, are double divorced…

That’s a big family. I’m bringing it up because today she is attending her eighth “Christmas” and I can see the disdain in her eyes. She is DONE with the holiday, not to mention having to buy gifts for all those people.

For heaven’s sake, they need to come up with some sort of system, or at least learn to get along for one day out of the year. Which I understand is a lot to ask, especially if the circumstances are unsavory.

My heart just goes out to all those families out there with multiple Christmas’s, toppling the average “two” we typically have…

The upside is, she has a ton of gift cards, and I love gift cards. THAT, and they got two copies of Mama Mia, Hitchcock, and Batman, that means I score the duplicates! YAY…

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