Final Feather Book Cover…

10 Jan

Here is the final cover in it’s entirety. Look for Feather soon, coming out on paperback January 31st, see website for details…

Final Cover

Final Cover

One Response to “Final Feather Book Cover…”

  1. jmreep January 11, 2009 at 12:00 am #

    It looks very good, very professionally done — more so than mine. It establishes a dark, mysterious, maybe even foreboding mood. I like the font choices and arrangements for the blurb on the back, too.

    It’s pretty gutsy, though, listing all of the books in the series when you have only finished one of them. Sure, you’ll probably finish all of them, but what if you decide to give the second book a title other than “Guardian”? You might be locking yourself into that particular title.

    I also wondered why the title on the spine of the book is oriented the way it is. Although I have seen published books orient titles the way you have here, most books’ titles are flipped the other way around so that the top of the title points toward the front cover.

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