My Thoughts on the movie “Wanted”…

17 Jan

overall, I found Wanted to me extremely inspirational. I had never given it much clout, but found that as soon as I began watching it, I should have paid more attention. I loved the way, that in the beginning, the writer made the mundane, extremely interesting. The voice of the main character was fresh, raw, and intrigueing, not to mention similar to that of Fight Club. I enjoyed the old world feel of The Fraternity and the overall idea of curving bullets, reading fabric, and otherwise.

I think everyone can relate with how the Main Character feels, tired of his life, and wishing there was more. We all want to imagine the unimaginable, a cinderella tale if you will. Besides, the trick with the wax was rather smart.

Anyways, morover, it’s nice to see this type of movie, because it’s yet another layer to add to inspiration. I grab bits of exciting material from all things I see and do, but this movie lended me more than most.

The end, in my opinion, was perfect. I’m one of those people, whom may say, “well that was lame” at first, but then, when you really think about it, if the movie had eneded in any other way, it would have felt somewhat corny.

Good good, you should watch it…


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