Writing the end of the series…

23 Jan

Last night I was at the Washington State, UCLA basketball game, and as gripping as it was, all attention was lost as the end of my book series finally came to me. I can’t control when it happens, my mind just kicks into action and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

I started the book not really knowing where the end would be, or how it would happen, knowing that the best stories, grow overtime.

 This morning I tried to accumulate my thoughts into one page, finding that waiting until today, made it harder to write.

I think it will be the perfect ending, enough suspense for the entire series, plus some. It’s one of those series, where the end will be well deserved, and ending everyone is waiting for, and will feel wraps up the story in a way that isn’t cheesy, expected, or at all flat. It keeps you wondering about life, even after the series is shelved away in your library.

I have renewed my utter excitement for the series, and hope that, as many of you already have, you will all find yourselves enchanted by love, adventure, and magic.

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

One Response to “Writing the end of the series…”

  1. Digital Dame January 23, 2009 at 9:39 pm #

    I’m very excited for you! That must be a wonderful feeling to have the ending settled like that. I can feel your enthusiasm for the whole story. Congrats!

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