Remembering a Forgotten Artist… Johannes Vermeer

2 Feb

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A Talent Once Forgotten…

When I think of my favorite artists, I always think of Johannes Vermeer. A once forgotten talent, lost in the fabrics of time, he was the first true artist of the light. Johannes, buried under the name Jan in 1675, utilized the deep contrast of sideways rays, characteristically almost always shining from the left.

His undeniably opulent ability for fabric was obvious, creating not only texture, but sheen, and even flaws. Silk was his best example as he layered the rich colors, creating an almost three dimensional feel.

His use of rich colors, especially cornflower blue, was risky, yet a true example of his deep love for his work. If you were to compile a collection of Johannes’ paintings, you would notice an similar thread between them all. Most commonly, Jan painted in his attic studio, and as such, most paintings posses that sideways light, and even the attic window, as experienced by the popular “Girl With a Pearl Earring” movie, and portrait.

In my book series, Johannes plays as the frontrunner for my web of history, an artist not recognized in his lifetime, but now an important member of the Dutch Golden Age. I needed an artist that could portray an undying love, a mysterious stare, and an unforgettable appeal. One thing I have always loved about his work, is the mystery. a glimpse into a scene from life, as though suddenly interrupted.

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pic from

I invite you to come view the works of a man not recognised in his lifetime, but now in the next. A fingerprint left to ponder over, in a way so easily read to human eyes.

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Abra Ebner

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