So, Do you want the low down?

28 Sep

On release day, Spetember 23rd, Parallel: The Life of Patient 32185 got to number 1500 in books! That was within the top 1% of all books on Amazon, not too shabby. Thank you to all my fans and followers for supporting this little side project while I worked away on Raven. Most of you will be happy to know that while Parallel has been gaining steam, I have finished Raven and it is now going through preliminary editing!

Aside from this, I am delighted to announce that the website was nice enough to feature Parallel for the month of October! How exciting to be grouped with them! They found me and befriended me here, on good ole WordPress. I guess blogging really is the way to get noticed! Check out their site for TONNES of books that are similar to the feel Twilight gave! How exciting…

Get Parallel today, on Kindle and Paperback available!

One Response to “So, Do you want the low down?”

  1. Jessica September 28, 2009 at 11:26 pm #

    Definitely a HUGE congrats to you! Something I so desperately want to do…though am so far away from it right now 🙂

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