New Book: We’re Just Going to Keep Pumping These Bad Boys Out…

1 Oct



Now that I am done with the last book in the Feather Series (Raven, in editing) then I am going to begin with this NEW series, well hopefully series, Called Knight Angels. I have to see where it goes. Yeah, I’m like that.

“CAT! Stop hanging from the curtain….”

Sheesh! Anyway. So this new book will have more Guardian Angels, magic, Shape-Shifters, and possibly more strange characters along the way. It’s a brother team of three, two are dead, one is evil, or rather, a Hell’s Angel. The live brother is roughly 98 (Michael, good, breathing), the other brothers are 17 (Maximus or Max, Good) and 19 (Gregory or Greg, Evil), Guardian Angels, which means they’re immortal…

Then of course there will be the love interest (Jules) and crazy sister (Always have to have one of those, it’s imperative, Emily) , and then the childhood friend and secret Shape Shifter that loves Jules (Wes), see where I’m going with this?? Love triangle?? I love ‘Love Triangles’

This book will be written from an endless number of standpoints, styled like this with the first letter of each name, sort of like the cover design idea. See, I can MATCH!


        It wasn’t long after my death that I started to ignore the cries of agony. I knew I couldn’t save all of them. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. The guilt drove me to insanity and I was forced from the place I called home. Though my remaining family kept me coming back, it didn’t take long before the voices returned and the guilt took over and I was force to leave once again. I never asked for this burden, a life sentence of torture, but it is my burden to keep, and my world to protect. I am Maximus, and I am a Guardian Angel…


     “Jules, Emily!” I slammed the cup of orange juice down on the counter. “Jules! Emily! Hurry up!” I looked at my watch, it was already 7:53 and I was late for my shift at the Hotel. Being a single mother had never been easy, especially with two teenage girls.

     I walked across the kitchen a grabbed a dry piece of toast from the toaster, shoving it in my mouth. I never regretted having the girls, but I did regret having them at such a young age. If I had waited, my husband would have died before they were born, leaving me with more options, but that was not something to think of, not anymore. My girls were my whole world now, and I loved them. I used to think I knew everything at age seventeen and that was why it made having Jules, now at the same age, so hard. I saw myself, understood that I was far too young. I wished I had known better.

     “Jules! Get your sister, let’s get going!” I yelled, crumbs flying from my mouth and onto the floor.

     I heard the pounding of footsteps as the girls descended the stairs and I was instantly filled with relief. It was their first day, and I was beyond excited to see them back at school.


     I hated first days. I hated everything. I was tired of the same struggle to make friends everyday. I didn’t understand why I felt so lost, or why I felt as though I didn’t belong here anymore, and when I say belong, I mean the fact that I couldn’t shake the dreams of death I had every night. Perhaps I was supposed to die back then. What if I’m here on false pretenses?

     “Jules, make sure your sister get to her classes? Will you? I don’t have time to worry today,” My mother nagged, her hair falling from her loose pony tail. I knew how busy she was, and how hard she tried for us, but we were her choice.

     I looked at my sister, as she gave me a glare that reminded me to leave her alone. Today was her first day in High school as a freshman, she didn’t need her bigger sister hanging over her like the overprotective freak that I was.

     “Okay everyone, into the car.” My mother ushered us both out the door, handing us both a five dollar bill for lunch.

     It was barely enough to buy a bagel and milk, not that Emily would buy anything anyways. Emily was your typical dark troubled teen, and a handful at that. Since she was thirteen, I had relentlessly hunted after her, dragging her from one High School party after the next. The scary thing was that now, she was in High School, making the task even harder on me and the parties more accessible.

     “Want to give me your five?” She leaned into me as we lagged behind, her dark eyeliner smudging into her eyes.

     I gave her a disgusted glare, knowing all she wanted to do with it was buy prescription drugs.

     Emily was gorgeous; at least she was under all the makeup. She was tall and thin, attracting all sorts of attention, but mostly the negative kind.

     “No, you can’t,” I hissed.

     Emily glared, grabbing the handle of the car door and snapping it open.

     I walked around to the other side, taking a deep breath before opening my own door and ruefully climbing in. I had given up my life to play mother to Emily. My own mother was too overloaded with work to notice a lot of what went on. I knew my mother meant well, but it was a burden that had destroyed my own life.


     I slammed the car door for dramatic effect, showing Jules that I was pissed. She had plenty of money stashed up somewhere, I knew it. She was a goody two shoes, and it was really starting to cramp my style. I saw the cute neighbor boy next door climb into his car.

     I rolled the window down. “Hey, Wes.” I said his name as seductively as I could.

     “Emily,” Jules hissed, as she always did. “Hi, Wes.” She waved, leaning over my lap and hoping to cover up the fact of what I had just done.

     Mother looked back at me in the rear view and I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms against my chest as Jules reached across me to press the button on the window, bringing it back up.

     Mother spoke then, but not to me, she knew better than to do that. “Jules, why didn’t you ever date Wes? He’s a nice boy.”

     I laughed to myself, finding the hilarity in the fact that no one would date my sister. She was too much of a prude. I was certain that I’d had more action than she had, in fact, I was pretty sure she was a virgin.

Quite naturally, all this material is Copyrighted © Crimson Oak Publishing LLC

2 Responses to “New Book: We’re Just Going to Keep Pumping These Bad Boys Out…”

  1. Hannah October 4, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

    Hey Abra!!

    I was just curious to know if ‘Knight Angels’ will be as romantic as ‘The Feather series’.

    Also are you going to put the first 2 chapters of Raven on WordPress like you did with Guardian?

    I cannot wait to read it!!


    • Abra Ebner October 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm #

      YES! yes it will. My goal for Knight Angels is that it keeps the same feel that Feather Book Series has, but in a different atmosphere. Knight Angels will be fast paced as Feather was, I’m just excited to get Raven out, I think everyone will be pleased 🙂

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