The Time I Finally Take a Shower Gets Later and Later Every Day…

2 Oct

Gosh. Has it really happened? Am I really one of those total shut in cases? I guess so…

let me give you a run down:

Monday: Showered around 1:20

Tuesday: Showered around 2:oo

Wednesday: 3:30

Thursday: Husband came home from work before I showered!

Today… Yet to be discovered… it’s raining, so…

Its just that… I can’t stop working! I can’t stop writing, or blogging, or twittering, or whatever it is I do to waste time… Facebook – You are my enemy number one.

At least I did get out of the house last night. And today I will be doing something different. I’m going to design a new cover for Parallel, I just.. I don’t know. Something doesn’t feel right with it. Not the right crowd maybe?? We’ll see. I’ll post my outcome here!



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