Extreme Pumpkin Carving!

28 Oct

pumpkin 3Last night I saw this guy on TV. I can’t remember what channel it was, could have been the Smithsonian. But this! This is what I was talking about when I say Holidays. Bestselling Author of Extreme Pumpkins, Tom Nardone, as far as I can see, is a pumpkin pumpkin genious! Perhaps you’ve seen some of his pumpkins before, I know I have, namely the puking pumpkin. He uses power tools like the jig saw and dremel to carve his pumpkins, even going so far as to make his OWN tools. You can visit his website HERE. There are a lot of fun videos to watch as well

pumpkin 6

Now, if my less than stellar pumpkins hadn’t ROTTED four days after bringing them home from the grocery store pumpkin nursery, I too would be carving my pumpkins this way!

My husband and I recently remodeled our whole house, so we have a whole collection of power tools. I hate to buy MORE pumpkins, but I guess I’ll have to…

Book News…

I’m adding a good portion of the new Feather Book Series: Book One, to the blog today, so watch for that and get a taste of what this new release is all about, especially you skeptics out there who doubted I could do this 😉 It just proves that, sometimes, education can come from the most unconventional means. Be sure to check it out!

More Pumpkins!

Pumpkin 5



For all you mothers, and mothers to be! The P-Section pumpkin! Too much? Perhaps?





pumpkin 2



This was how I felt while I was sick!








pumpkin 4



Just a Classic. One of my favorites.


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