Just Another Manic Monday…

9 Feb

Happy Monday, right? Well when you’re a literary shut in like me, it’s no different than any other day of the week, unless you count the fact that I get to catch up on all the shows I missed last week on my DVR.

My highlight from last week:

Saturday I spent most of the day at the local pub (slowly consuming Hefe) Afterwards, my husband and I went to the Washington State University Basketball game where I met this big guy! He’s a Golden Eagle, and if you look closely (at my admittedly blurry picture) you’ll see that his eyes are quite black. This is because he was rescued when he was one, completely blind…

Needless to say I adopted him.

Well not ACTUALLY, but metaphorically through donation. Darn that beer, lowering my inhibitions till I buy a giant wild Raptor…

But it felt good, regardless 🙂

The good news is we won the basketball game, and I went home, I played a riveting game of Frisbee golf on the Wii…

Best Song of My Day

I was folding laundry, the most horrible chore in the world, aside from emptying the dishwasher, when I heard one of my newest, most favorite, songs. I’ve always liked Taylor Swift, and this song flexed her vocals away from the country, but not away from her talent. I’ll leave you, this oh so bleary Monday, with the song 🙂

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