Wacky Wednesday!!!

10 Feb

That’s right! It’s Wacky Wednesday! Which means I talk about things other than books šŸ™‚ At least that’s what I just came up with, cause frankly, I need a break from editing!!!

Today, I want to talk about home made Valentine’s day cards, cause I like em šŸ™‚

When I make cards at home (yes, I love being crafty) I tend to over-embellish, but that’s the best part! I mean, why not, right? and for the most part, all those little embellishments, especially when you can buy them individually, are super cheap add-ons!

I leave my husband little love notes all the time. I hide them and wait for him to find them. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes just seconds, but what I love most, is the smile on his face when he DOES find one.

Try it, it’s addicting.

like, really addicting…

And I know what you’re gonna say, but don’t. Men like the mushy stuff, even my Gladiator loving, truck drivin‘, mud slingin‘ husband. Did I mention he like NEVER shaves, leaving him looking like a VIKING! so don’t whine to me, he’ll like it, and if he doesn’t, he has a screw loose.

So this year, branch out and get creative!!! No more excuses. (besides, if it really impresses him, maybe you’ll get a diamond out of it next year)
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One Response to “Wacky Wednesday!!!”

  1. Mellisha February 11, 2010 at 12:20 am #

    Hi Abra,
    I read the “Read Some Here!” from your “Feather” book. I just ordered your books so I can find out what happens. I think it is so very interesting so far.
    I finished reading the Twilight Saga a week and a half ago and was searching for some books that were as interesting. I found yours. Can’t wait until I receive my books so I can finish reading your series.
    I’ve never really been much of a reader but I am finding I really love these kinds of stories. If you have any suggestions on other books along the same line of suspense, romance, legends, etc.

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