Waiting for that Book to Jump Off the Page?

12 Feb

Well it’s about time that it does! If you’re an artistic person, and I bet you are, then consider making something of those old books! Artist Sue Blackwell made this absolutely FABULOUS 3-D display out of an old Alice in Wonderland hardback. Many may see this and scream bloody murder, but I scream bloody delight! What a wonderful way to take that tea party off the page.
Here is a top view of the same piece, where you can see the already existing illustrations within the original book. Also note the fact that sue gave Alice a little shadow!
Now I was at Nieman Marcus not that long ago, and they had sculptures all over the store, most made of their magazines! Their’s were more abstract, like this piece below. It really does not take a lot to make a piece like this for yourself. If you hang a dowel on the wall, and…
…hold your breath…
… stretch that spine ’till it cracks… EEK! Then, you will have a lovely conversational piece that will keep people engaged as they attempt to read the exposed pages.
Personally, I have a few boxes of my own books… Looks like I have a project ahead of me….


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