That Peep Can Edit! And Mr. Chan Sees the Doctor…

16 Mar

Can he ever!
I finally starting the editing process today, fixing all the things my lovely, talented editor found! I got 1-50 of 200 pages done, with a finishing date of next Monday (My Birthday!). But that is sadly not all. Then it goes through a ‘story line’ edit to be sure all things are where they should be, and all twists go accordingly. I’m very exhausted. 50 pages takes about four hours of staring back and forth – old, new, and change. The only thing that gets me through is coffee and peeps.
and laughing at this picture!

Mr. Chan Visits the Doctor

(not my cat)

Mr. Chan, a.k.a. Chandler my cat, went to the vet today for the first time in three years. He’s always had relatively bad breath, but recently it’s gotten really bad. Sadly, I found out that he has an autoimmune disease that is trying to reject his teeth. I guess this is why they are SO long. Seriously, his K-9’s are like vampire teeth. I always called him Count Catula, now it seems I’m going to be calling him Gummy Bear! He has to get ALL his teeth removed – poor guy!
Did NOT like the thermometer up his bum, either…
Or the ‘Kitty AIDS’ test…

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