Re-living My Childhood: Part 1

15 Apr

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Well. This is my new post series, and I am very excited about it. My mother kept just about every single one of my toys, and I recently inherited them back! This series will be all about re-discovering my past and being a kid again!

Breyer Horses

I found this box the other day when my husband and I were in the bomb shelter looking for the movie box. When I saw it, two things came to mind:

I haven’t seen these in forever! I’m going to cry!


Spiders! Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew…

Well, I didn’t find any spider’s – not necessarily. I did however find a little white cottony nest inside one of the fencing posts… ew.

So Here’s The Story:

My grandfather, Edgar, knew I loved Breyer horses (and real horses! I had a pony) and he was a very skilled carpenter – really, AMAZING! He built me these fences by hand. The base is made of particle board and the posts are cedar. He drilled holes and pegged the end of each post, even going so far as to make corner posts, and posts for lengthy sections. BEAUTIFUL, not to mention one-of-a-kind. I will never get rid of them – NEVER!

The Final Set-Up:

Just look how cute! And those fences – no cheap plastic for me! I remember making those little bundles of hay myself, as well as the plaid horse blanket and saddle. There was a little Barbie cowboy hat in the box, too! Ugh, so many memories! I was always a crafty child, and I rarely watched TV. No wonder I can write books! It’s all about your imagination…

2 Responses to “Re-living My Childhood: Part 1”

  1. Becca April 15, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    That is SO special! What great memories 🙂 Definitely something to hold on to.

  2. Lua April 16, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    Oh how lovely! Lucky you, your mother saved all your childhood toys 🙂 This feels like it’s going to be an amazing post series, can’t wait for the second part.

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