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Before the Sun Comes Up: Contests

14 Apr


I love getting up before the sun. It feels like your little secret, doesn’t it?

So, back to business! For my sunrise post today it’s all about beginnings! Brenda Pandos is a friend of mine, and she is currently in the throws of the third round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, beating out close to 9,500 other writers to get there! She is a new author, and has been working on her book for over a year now.

What can you do to help?

That is a novel (get it, novel?) question! Go to this link below and read her excerpt and write a review! It’s actually really fun to be a part of this. Think American Idol without the weird outfits and hair…


you can also visit the website and read the excerpt here:


And look at that. Now the sun is up and shinning on my chair by the window… This bites. Time to make the coffee!!