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My Thursday Inspiration…

19 Nov

It’s a rainy day, or rather it will be. A hawk is stalking my cat as he sits in the window… I’d like to see it try. My neighbors still have Halloween decorations out. Yeah. It’s almost Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about sending out Christmas cards this year. Handmade of course. My friend is going to start decorating the inside of her house this week for Christmas! How Fun!

I saw the movie Bride Wars last night before I went to Bunco with my friends! Funny movie, funny funny… etc. Bunco was great! As always! I never win, though ūüė¶

Got a ton of writing done yesterday, so Knight Angels: Gifted, is now at 43,136 word count! Yeah!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since¬†I released my first book!

So this song I heard with I was at lunch with my husband and in-laws yesterday. I’ve heard it lots of times before, but everytime I do it always makes me want to cry, or do something epic, lol.

So for all of ya! Here it is!

I finally Unpacked…

20 Jun

Do you know how it feels to have everything in your life packed up for three years??? I do. Roughly three and a half years ago my husband asked me to marry him so I packed all my stuff and moved across state. Today, finally, I unpacked it because the house was finished and the opportunity arose. I found so many things I forgot about. For anyone that’s seen the movie¬†Dream Catcher there was a great analogy I’d like to use here. In the movie, one of the characters refers to his memory as a “Memory Warehouse” where he actually keeps files of his memories in file boxes in a sort of library. I like to believe my mind works the same way. In the movie, when¬† a memory no longer holds enough clout and the character needs room for new memories , he incinerates them in an incinerator. I believe we do the same, and with all the things I had packed, I did. When we got married two years ago, I got all new things and so my old things were forgotten. Opening the boxes was a total mind trip, finding things you thought were gone forever, or that you never knew you ever had, even if it was something you had all day. Amoung things I found my journals and of course those house memories I had long but forgotten, and it makes it seem as though I’m reading about someone elses life. Most of the memories I can’t even make a mental image for anymore. Just interesting, much like a time capsule I suppose…

Well, good for unpacking right??


Inspiring Songs…

18 Mar

So I got an email today from a reader (Savein, rhyms with ‘green,’ pretty name) about a song she thought reminded her of Feather. Her pick was Like a Stone by Audioslave, a personnal favorite myself. She got me thinking about other songs, some that I had already heard, but then I found a few more as well.

Here is my list, for those of you that have read Feather, all linked to a YouTube video of the song…

Like a Stone – Audioslave¬†– Savein’s suggestion

Rise Above This – Seether – Savein’s suggestion

Fix You – Coldplay – Perfect for how Estella feels before she meets Edgar, sort of how “the light leads you home” where something lead her to Edgar and he “ignites her soul” PERFECT!

You Found Me – Fray – Sort of the feel of the whole series…

Never Say Never – Fray – GUARDIAN! I think the Fray somehow stole Book Two, read it, and then wrote this song, absolutely outlines the entire second book, BEAUTIFUL!

Unbeautiful – Lesley Roy – Perfect for Book One

Anyways, check them out, it’s fun ūüėČ


The Art of Becoming Edgar Allan Poe…Getting inside the mind of a tortured soul

31 Jan
Picture From Wikipedia.com

Picture From Wikipedia.com

My book series roughly revolves around the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and the 19th century in general. Today, as I was writing book two, I had the experience of re-creating what Edgar would have really been like, if you had met him in the flesh.

Since my book is a bit quirky, and at times funny, I decided to take Edgar’s personality to an unexpected level. A bit nutty, and a bit eccentric and self centered, Edgar tends to excite all around him. When I Wikipedia’d him, there was an old photo, and despite his undeniable look of disdain, and perhaps boredom, I played at the gentle fact, that I definitely almost sense a smirk, deep within, one that fooled everyone. I believe he merely wore a mask, played his part to enlist his work.

As one of the founding fathers of Science Fiction, I found that adding him to the Feather Book Series was a natural partnership. Besides his additions to the world of Sci-fi, he was also the first to bring the world of Mystery/Thriller, to the forefront, being the first to start the genre.

Now, I hadn‚Äôt known all this when¬†I initially enlisted to use ‚ÄúThe Raven‚ÄĚ as a founding topic of Feather, but now, I find that Edgar fits more than ever into my scene, creating the perfect web of mystery, and interest.

In book two, Guardian, expect to see Edgar depicted as never before. An eccentrically happy man in his forties, the forties he never lived, but lives now. A man full of happiness, creation, and dark secrets, a man I see as myself, and more.

if your interesting in reading feather, it is currently available on Mobipocket, Amazon, and lulu.com. Book comes out on paperback today! and you can order through the website using the safe and secure Google checkout…

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, Books On Board, and Barnes and Noble

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, Books On Board, and Barnes and Noble





I Finally Have an Office… and I’ve run off the Hippy ghosts…

27 Jan


remodeled kitchen

remodeled kitchen

I finally have an office as of today, the extensive remodel on our bad 70’s home, turned contemporary, is finally becoming fruitful. The 3500 square foot, tear-out-all-the-wood-paneling-and-shag project has¬†revealed¬†many¬†surprises,¬†asbestos, mold, rot, leaky roof, etc etc.¬†


My office until today, had been the dining room table, which is never very exciting, or good, hardly the place to escape the television and write…

Along with an office I have a bedroom, no longer haunted by the swingers of it’s horrible past, and a closet large enough to fit all my husbands clothes… yes, my husbands.

I am still hoping for another snow storm to hit and tear off the deck, but considering there was already fifteen feet piled on it from the snow drifting off the roof, it now seems unlikely that I will score a new porch via insurance…bummer.


the kitchen before we tore down the wall and canned the avocado...

the kitchen before we tore down the wall and canned the avocado...



The record player, that once housed the ever delightful Neil Sedaka vinyl, is long since trashed, as well as the avocado bathroom, and mint green kitchen.

6 bedrooms are now 5, and the entire lower floor is a separate apartment all together. 

The Bomb shelter (yes BOMB shelter) under the garage is still just storage, but someday it will serve as the wine cellar, but thats still a long ways away, so the bottles continue to collect dust.

There is still a hole in the floor that looks down on the lower level and¬†basement, but the cats rather enjoy collecting nails and dropping them down there, so I can’t yet bring myself to patch it.

All in all I’d say. Never do this, you’re crazy.

Does Anyone Agree That “The Day After Tomorrow” is coming true??

14 Jan

I watched this movie again last night, followed by Twister. Both tackle the idea of weather, and how we are effecting its inevitable change. It seems obvious that natural disasters are both increasing in occurrence, and strength. Sure sure, every couple of years there’s one big hurricane that destroys a bunch of things, but it seems in the last few years, there’s been a lot. Weather too. We’ve seen heavier snowfalls and floods worldwide. Snow in Vegas, and Switzerland’s lowlands as well.

It seems that things are swinging wide, severe colds to extreme highs, icecaps growing and shrinking. I had read a blog a good time back, about Iceland’s glacier’s growing, now I don’t know if I believe that, but if it were true, that would simply be amazing!

I feel that at some point, it is quite plausible that the whole world could be so thrown off balance, that something as drastic as seen in “The Day After Tomorrow” could really happen…

A Double Divorced Family Christmas…

1 Jan

My family is not divorced, but being recently married, the holidays seem challenging enough¬†for me, let alone my friend whom has recently been engaged and both, her side, and her fiance’s side, are double divorced…

That’s a big family. I’m bringing it up because today she is attending her eighth “Christmas” and I can see the disdain in her eyes. She is DONE with the holiday, not to mention having to buy gifts for all those people.

For heaven’s sake, they need to come up with some sort of system, or at least learn to get along for one day out of the year. Which I understand is a lot to ask, especially if the circumstances are unsavory.

My heart just goes out to all those families out there with multiple Christmas’s, toppling the average “two” we typically have…

The upside is, she has a ton of gift cards, and I love gift cards. THAT, and they got two copies of Mama Mia, Hitchcock, and Batman, that means I score the duplicates! YAY…