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Re-living My Childhood: Part 1

15 Apr

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Well. This is my new post series, and I am very excited about it. My mother kept just about every single one of my toys, and I recently inherited them back! This series will be all about re-discovering my past and being a kid again!

Breyer Horses

I found this box the other day when my husband and I were in the bomb shelter looking for the movie box. When I saw it, two things came to mind:

I haven’t seen these in forever! I’m going to cry!


Spiders! Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew…

Well, I didn’t find any spider’s – not necessarily. I did however find a little white cottony nest inside one of the fencing posts… ew.

So Here’s The Story:

My grandfather, Edgar, knew I loved Breyer horses (and real horses! I had a pony) and he was a very skilled carpenter – really, AMAZING! He built me these fences by hand. The base is made of particle board and the posts are cedar. He drilled holes and pegged the end of each post, even going so far as to make corner posts, and posts for lengthy sections. BEAUTIFUL, not to mention one-of-a-kind. I will never get rid of them – NEVER!

The Final Set-Up:

Just look how cute! And those fences – no cheap plastic for me! I remember making those little bundles of hay myself, as well as the plaid horse blanket and saddle. There was a little Barbie cowboy hat in the box, too! Ugh, so many memories! I was always a crafty child, and I rarely watched TV. No wonder I can write books! It’s all about your imagination…

Idle Hands doing Not So Idle Things…

15 Apr

I had an immense amount of nervous energy yesterday, so I decided to do something about it!

I re-painted and re-organized the bathroom!

It used to have flat paint, and let me be the first to say that flat paint NEVER works in a bathroom. All the water flying around leaves some serious stains on the walls! Always get a paint that can be washed, like eggshell finish.

Here is the before Image:

Here is the after:

Not that much different, just tidy and clean! I love tidy and clean.

Do you like my sink? I made it myself! I went to an antique store a few years ago and bought that mahogany dresser for $100. My husband modified the drawers to work around the piping, and we bought a basin sink from overstock. I love it! total cost was around $200, which is a steal considering buying a vanity cabinet (just the cabinet) is $400. Trust me, I did that in another bathroom…

Coming later today:

I’m starting a new posting series, so be sure to check back!

Manic Monday: More Things to do with Books!

22 Feb

Still looking for more things to do with that collection of books? Well, stick with me and I’ll never let you down! The above photo shows books hung by strings. This utilizes space in a completely new way. If you’re one of those lucky enough to have your own library, this would be a great addition to an empty corner. This also applies for any corner!

In a children’s room perhaps? So cute!

Not willing to ruin your books?

Try going to the local Good Will store and peruse their selection. It’s likely you can pick up a few books for 25 cents, and you won’t feel so guilty stabbing a drill through beloved stories.

What you need:

Heavy duty cotton twine (Colorful ribbon works great, too!!!! Especially in a kids room! raid the sale bin at your local craft store.)


A little hook to hang from ceiling.

Drill with a bit long enough to go the depth of your longest book.

What to do:

Take your book and center drill on cover. Drill (Slowly please. No need to burn down the house)

Take your ribbon and tie a knot. Lace through hole you made (if you use a length of wire and fold it in half, you can use it as a needle, especially for thick ribbon) let the book rest on knot. You can make another knot on the other side of you like, it does look neat if ribbon was your choice.

Repeat and hang on ceiling hook! Viola!!

Wacky Wednesday!!!

10 Feb

That’s right! It’s Wacky Wednesday! Which means I talk about things other than books 🙂 At least that’s what I just came up with, cause frankly, I need a break from editing!!!

Today, I want to talk about home made Valentine’s day cards, cause I like em 🙂

When I make cards at home (yes, I love being crafty) I tend to over-embellish, but that’s the best part! I mean, why not, right? and for the most part, all those little embellishments, especially when you can buy them individually, are super cheap add-ons!

I leave my husband little love notes all the time. I hide them and wait for him to find them. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes just seconds, but what I love most, is the smile on his face when he DOES find one.

Try it, it’s addicting.

like, really addicting…

And I know what you’re gonna say, but don’t. Men like the mushy stuff, even my Gladiator loving, truck drivin‘, mud slingin‘ husband. Did I mention he like NEVER shaves, leaving him looking like a VIKING! so don’t whine to me, he’ll like it, and if he doesn’t, he has a screw loose.

So this year, branch out and get creative!!! No more excuses. (besides, if it really impresses him, maybe you’ll get a diamond out of it next year)
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