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What Came First? The Jock… or the Jock Strap?

6 May

That’s what they’re wondering…

Ha ha.

Well, yesterday I was doing the laundry, and my husband (plays city league baseball) left his Jock Strap on the floor and I almost died tripping over it (I know, ew.) Needless to say I then stood there for fifteen minutes rubbing my toe (which I’d hit against the bedframe) and wondering what came first: The Jock, or the Jock Strap.

Don’t ask me why I thought this, but I just did.

Did they name the Jock Strap ofter the Jock, or the Jock after the Jock Strap??

So then last night at bowling I posed the question to my two friends and one of my friends husbands, who is a Sports Equipment Manager at Washington State University.

Needless to say we couldn’t formulate a good answer without giggling… Though I did bring up the idea that it came from Jockey, like the underwear brand…

Today, the question still haunts me, so I decided to do some research and here’s what I found:

Info Courtesy Wikipedia

“The word jockstrap has purportedly been in use since 1897, a likely contraction of ‘jockey strap’, as the garment was first designed for bicycle riders, or ‘bike jockeys’. The Bike Jockey Strap was the first jockstrap manufactured in America in 1874.[1][2] Jockey itself is the diminutive form of the Scots nickname Jock (for John) as Jackie is for the English nickname Jack. The nicknames Jack and Jackie, Jock and Jockey have been used generically for ‘man, fellow, boy, common man’. From the period c.1650-c.1850, ‘jock’ was used as slang for… (I cut this part out, you get the drift…)

The more recent slang term ‘jock’, meaning an athlete, is traced to 1959 and is itself derived from ‘jockstrap’.[3]”

Ha! There was my answer! So Jock Strap did come first… good to know.

As a woman, it is nice to know that one more mystery of the male world has been solved. Thank Goodness!

Dear Football… I hate you… Wait, wait, wait… I really hate you.

7 Nov

Yeah. Can I explain my anger toward football??


I hate you right now, wanna know why? Because. Just this year do I finally decide that I could love you, and yet you let me down like this? You suddenly have so many of those men, those refs, constantly checking you out, “official review.” HA, right. Official review MY ARSE! Get over yourselves and get back in the game, really.

And you, you Washington State Football teams, who do you think YOU are?? Huh? You suck. I wouldn’t say that if I knew you tried, but you won’t. Wait, no… you REFUSE to try. TRY HARDER. 

Except you, Toby Turpin, it’s like you’re the only one on the field… Good for you.

I want to see some trick plays. I want to see some returns for ninty yards. I mean, heck! I’d like to see a touchdown! Is it really so hard?

It is because of this lack of love that I must leave you. I know our affair was short and sweet, but you have let me down for the last time. Besides, you suck in bed, on the field.

I hope the future grants you more success, and the best of luck to you…