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Let the Countdown Begin!

31 Dec

Opening The Door on a New Year

I know what you’re thinking, you think I mean the countdown to New Years Eve, but nope, you are way wrong! Today starts the countdown to Book Three: Raven! In just weeks, Raven will hit the market, fewer if you’re a Kindler! I find it fitting it should start today, but why not? Feather: Book One was released in January one year ago, and now here we are, at the end of the series!

Once Raven is over, and the angels and demons of that book are put to rest, I will then release an all new series which I believe will be bigger and better! Knight Angels Series. While finding influence from The Hunger Games, Supernatural, and other great movies like Sherlock Holmes, I hope that this new series provides an array of exciting adventures, love stories, and of course tragedy!

With an expanded vocabulary, and a deeper understanding of what a makes up a great book, I believe they’ll just keep getting better!

In the new year, I hope to continue working toward my dreams of literary fame, and fun. I love helping people, and it has, and still will be my mission to reply to all those that ask for advice/or just plain say hi! So say hi!

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My NaNoWriMo Progress! November is National Writing Month!

4 Nov

So, this month I’m starting that new series, the Knight Angels Series! YAY! I am really cruising through this!

Words So Far: 7100 ish

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy. Angels. Shape Shifters. Dreamers

Setting: Post Apocalypse in a new world without dreaming or magic… until…

Level of Love For New Book: HUGE! This book is so fun to write so far, so fast paced! For all the Feather Fans out there, just wait till you get your paws on this! It will blow that outta the water!

Working Cover Art:

knights-cover-webI’m trying to go with a “Card” Theme. The queen of hearts, the King, etc etc. The cover will inevitably change (as I recieve your input!) So that is why it’s a “working cover”


Inside The Feather Book Series House!

31 Oct

Hey! So I decided, that with my dad being an architect and all, that I needed to draw out what this house of my dreams really looks like. This was hard! Some of the stuff I envisioned didn’t actually pan out the way I wanted it to when it came to drawing things, to many magical hidden rooms, he he. This is what I always saw, though, while writing, and now you can see it too! I wish my real house was like this, I also wish the house was secretly invisible in a field in the North Cascades, but we can’t all win, can we?


Another Rainy Day in WriterVille…

23 Oct

It’s raining rather profusely today and I am still battling the Flu. I shut all the windows and turned on a few lamps and lit some candles, so hopefully this will bring warmth back to my life. I slept on the couch last night because I was sniffling/coughing so much and I didn’t want to bother my husband, needless to say he was angry that I slept on the couch because I am the sick one. The Jazz channel is also playing, that’s always nice. I really wish I could have a whole bottle of wine and forget about the Flu, but that doesn’t seem very responsible…

I watched one of the most disturbing movies yesterday, it was called Blindness. Unless you are into scary epidemics, don’t see it, it will haunt you. I can’t stop thinking about it. It does have a good ending, though. I’ve watched a lot of random movies lately. It seems that in the afternoons they cater to the artistic stay-at-home crowd.

I really want to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs…

Book Covers

I made new covers for the Feather Book Series the other day and shared them with the members of the Fan Club. They gave me some great feedback, so I will likely be changing them from what you see below. I even had some Fans send me fonts they thought were neat LOL. It will be hard to add everyone’s suggestions, but I am going to try. A lot of the Fans that came back with comments to the questions I asked were actually QUITE helpful. I am sure you will see the product of your answers throughout the third book.


Editor Progress:

Christina is nearly done re-editing Feather, God love her for it! (She got to go to a private Bon Jovi Concert yesterday, boooooooo, we’re all jealous). Guardian I suspect will go faster because there will be fewer mistakes, and then Raven will rock out just as fast. Right now I am shooting for a December release of Raven, DECEMBER!!!!! By then it will be snowy (for some of us) and just the right season for reading.

Feather Book Series E-Book Promo for the Phillipines… 30% OFF!

17 Sep

Hi There!

I’ve had a lot of people from the Phillipines asking about the Feather Book Series lately and where they can get it. Shipping is horendous, I know, but there is the e-book. You can get the e-book from Mobipocket but still, with exchange rates it’s expensive. This is why we are offering you the book from our website at a discounted rate. If you are from the Phillipines, then just buy the e-book and use the code “php” to get the discount!

Happy Reading!

Abra E.

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An Abra Ebner Contest! Enter Today To Win!

14 Sep


Remember, remember, the twenty-third of September!

To ring in the official release of Parallel on September 23rd, Abra Ebner has decided to give away her precious Original Proof Copy, signed, on September 22nd to one lucky reader! She has kept every one of her proof copies, but has decided that this one needs to go to the fans. She has toted this thing around, from football games to preview parties! Have it be yours today and show off your own writing talent!

The Contest: All you have to do is submit a short essay (50 words or less) that answers the question “Why will Parallel be a good addition to your collection?” Perhaps you need a book end, perhaps you need it to brag to your friends, either way, tell us why!

Submissions: Submissions can be emailed to info@parallelthebook.com emails with attachments will not be accepted, so please put your essay in the body of the email, and title the email Essay Contest. Submissions must be in before September 21st at 11:59 p.m. to be eligible. If you are not selected, that’s ok! Just be sure to get your own copy September 23rd on Amazon.

The Importance of September 23rd: This day was selected to help Abra try and reach her goal of becoming an overall best seller. Already a best seller in Fantasy and Family Saga, she hopes to escalate this further, so please help her out and get your copy September 23rd, I cannot stress the importance! If she can get 200 sold in one day, she will have reached her goal!! That’s all it takes!  Not the 24th or 25th, but the 23rd!

Remember, remember, the twenty-third of September!


“The best book I’ve read since Twilight! Awesome!”  – Christina Corlett, NJ

“I’m hooked and I can’t put it down! Another great hit from Abra Ebner”  – Heidi Soehren, WA

Parallel Proof a Success!

5 Sep

Saw the proof for my new book Parallel today. VERY happy with it. Release date still set for Sept. 23, I will be one of the first to tell you if that changes, but right now my heart is set on that as well. I guess what we are trying to do is get all my fans together on one day, so those of you that are looking forward to that, sept. 23rd is the day 🙂

Come help me reach a larger audience by making me a best seller! I am passionate about this new story, and I’m hoping you will be too…


Abra E.