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Throwing Magick Around Manhattan…

20 Jul

I went to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice last night, and I loved it. Really, I liked that Nicolas Cage, as much as I love the man, didn’t have a ‘too’ major role (as in, wasn’t the main character). I loved the main character, Jay Baruchel. I loved him in Out of My League, and I loved him here. He makes a good nerd, and for some strange reason, I actually think he’s cute!! It was classic Disney all the way with the mop scene and all, but they did it well.


Definitely recommend you go see it!


Dreaming in Color… Why I Won’t Watch a 3D Movie & Why You Should Go See Inception.

18 Jul

On Friday I went and saw the movie Inception and loved it, just didn’t love the seats at the theatre, Bum Breaker!

I think about dreams a lot, and I myself dream almost every night. I dream in color, but I’ve come to understand that not everyone does. I always remember my dreams because of a certain color, like last night it was red for blood. My cat is dying from Kidney failure, and sad as it is, that’s what I dreamt about.

In Inception, a person is loaded into their dream world where to them it feels like they’re really living it, the problem with this is that in the real world, they can no longer dream. The only way they can is to be attached to this machine that makes them.

I want to correlate this with 3D movies. I’ve seen one movie, but after understanding just how 3D works, I’ll never see another one. When you’re watching one of these films or TV shows, you’re brain is actually being tricked into thinking it sees these objects, some close, some far. To me, it’s like having the natural make-up of your brain altered, and personally, I’d hate to walk out of one of those movies one day, or with the new TV’s too, and no longer see the world in 3D.

Could you imagine?

Just saying…

Anyway. The movie was great, and you should really go see it! Hopefully NOT in 3D.

ha ha.