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Re-Living My Childhood ♥ Part 5

29 Apr

Copa Cabana!


My parents have finally made a blog for their Cabana (well, I made it, but still…) I think it’s so CUTE! You should go be friends with them now, so that they have followers. I’m trying to walk my mother through the blogging process, hopefully she learns quick!

Visit Their Blog Here


The Story

This is where I grew up: Fishing, swimming, wakeboarding, and of course writing! I was a lucky girl – blessed!

I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories I have from this place. I still remember it before it was ever remodeled: Horrid blue glass. Blue. Blue. Blue!!!

My favorite part is the port holes in the floor where you can see through the glass to the fish under the house. The waves at night lull you to sleep, and I love the kitchen!!

This is just the guest house, but to me it was my play house!


Re-Living My Childhood ♥ Part 4

23 Apr

Hook, Line, and Sinker…

You may be thinking: What does this have to do with your childhood?

The truth is: Nothing, I just thought it was funny.

But I suppose I can’t say nothing, because clearly there’s something. This weekend is Opening of Fishing weekend, and as lame as that sounds…. it’s not.

The Background

When I was little, my family and I had friends that lived down the street. Every Opening of Fishing weekend they went to Alta Lake in Eastern Washington State. That year we were invited to go along, I think I was 7. This other family has two daughters and a son. The youngest daughter was Hillary, my best friend growing up:

We’re still friends 🙂

And then there was her older brother, who I always thought was cute!

He’s my husband 🙂

So, the moral of the story is that those little things you do as a kid can actually be your future! My husband and I didn’t actually start dating until after we were 21 (I had lots of boyfriends first, too!), but having that history is amazing! I have a picture on my desk of Hillary, Hubby, my brother, and I playing on the swingset together in the old neighborhood 🙂

So, here’s to the Ghetto Fabulousness that will be another camping weekend! ‘Course now-a-days the campground has a five-star restaurant and cabins with showers, but it’s still the tradition that counts, and the fact that I LOVE fishing…

At least cell phones don’t work out there, that’s rugged enough, right?

I guess I know a thing or two about romance!

Re-Living My Childhood ♥ Part 3

21 Apr


Well, todays “re-living’ post took me a little longer than I expected. Props to kids for knowing how to put this stuff together.

I guess at some point I knew how to put it together, too! I tried to find directions, but I guess the model is too old for it! Now they have some fancy NEW barn…


Mine is still better!

Shall we?

Playmobil Horse Barn

 Well, despite the fact that I found a half-eaten lollipop in the box (and yes, I’m quite sure it’s at least ten years old…)


and the fact that it took me almost and hour to figure it out, with a whole pile of leftover pieces (I’m pretty sure I’ve mixed the western barn with the english barn… but oh well.)

It still come out beautifully!

The Story:

My dad used to bring me a piece of Playmobil home every time he went to New York on business. He’d go to FAO Schwartz and I LOVED it… Based on the ten giant moving boxes I have, he went a lot!

Here are my pics!

Yes, I have an Elephant on my far. He has one ear, luckily he’s showing you his good side!

I even had the horse trailer and Jeep! Cats, pigs, baby cows…

I don’t think I’m going to get sick of this!

Re-Living My Childhood ♥ Part 2

20 Apr

Kix Cereal

My dad used to wake me up everyday at five. I’d hang out with him while he shaved and then we’d have breakfast together before going back to bed and waking up for second breakfast later. I always had cereal, and though it was sometimes ‘Yucky Charms’ (I couldn’t say my ‘L’), I usually had Kix cereal.


I love the subtle sugary flavor, and the fact that they stay crispy for a really long time. I keep thinking that Kix would make a good substitute for rice crispies in rice crispy treats… I guess I need to go get some marshmallows!

Cereal Love!

Re-living My Childhood: Part 1

15 Apr

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Well. This is my new post series, and I am very excited about it. My mother kept just about every single one of my toys, and I recently inherited them back! This series will be all about re-discovering my past and being a kid again!

Breyer Horses

I found this box the other day when my husband and I were in the bomb shelter looking for the movie box. When I saw it, two things came to mind:

I haven’t seen these in forever! I’m going to cry!


Spiders! Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew…

Well, I didn’t find any spider’s – not necessarily. I did however find a little white cottony nest inside one of the fencing posts… ew.

So Here’s The Story:

My grandfather, Edgar, knew I loved Breyer horses (and real horses! I had a pony) and he was a very skilled carpenter – really, AMAZING! He built me these fences by hand. The base is made of particle board and the posts are cedar. He drilled holes and pegged the end of each post, even going so far as to make corner posts, and posts for lengthy sections. BEAUTIFUL, not to mention one-of-a-kind. I will never get rid of them – NEVER!

The Final Set-Up:

Just look how cute! And those fences – no cheap plastic for me! I remember making those little bundles of hay myself, as well as the plaid horse blanket and saddle. There was a little Barbie cowboy hat in the box, too! Ugh, so many memories! I was always a crafty child, and I rarely watched TV. No wonder I can write books! It’s all about your imagination…