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Cabin Fever

13 Apr

Yeah. Cabin Fever.

Everytime I finish a book, this is me. I run out of things to do, and I’m so used to being inside, that the thought of even approaching my door seems daunting

and the car is getting an oil change, so I have no car.

I feel like I need an adventure! And not just any adventure, but Indiana Jones, James bond, go on a vacation, adventure.

But I don’t have my car.

So a walk around the neighborhood in the rain will have to do.

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Manic Monday: Another Year Older? That’s a Good Reason to be Manic…

22 Mar
Happy Birthday?

I’m finally at that age where you start realizing that you really are getting older. At first you don’t see it coming… You aren’t getting wrinkles yet, you can still live off three hours of sleep, your metabolism manages to rebound after a long weekend, and life still surprises you…


Well, life will always surprise me, but that whole metabolism thing is definitely out the window. Two words: Rice Cakes…


So long Girl Scout cookies,




mint chocolate wafers,


and especially those coconut things…


Nice try, but cupcakes are nothing more than a beautiful reminder of what once was my waist-line… Oh well, right? I guess I have other things to look forward to: Social Security, Depends, and of course Ensure for my future toothless grin.




Then again…


I’m only 26!


So I guess that means there’s still a beer in order. And if I play my card right, maybe a New York Times Bestselling Book…


Happy Birthday, Me; and may all my dreams come true!

(and thank goodness for my future Botox… someday…)
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Friday Book Trailers!!

19 Feb

Yay! Just what I needed in the middle of the week – a break from books! Well, sort of.

I decided that today I wanted to talk about book trailers! I recently made two new trailers for my new series, which I will share below, but there are so many other trailers out there as well! I’ve decided to compile the trailers to some of my favorite books, also…

First Mine:

My Other Favorites!

I like this trailer because it was a Teen Choice Award Winner for Fallen…
Official Fallen trailer…
Because I loved these books!!! The Hunger Games…
Blue bloods…

Organize The Proper Way to Organize Your Bookshelf!

11 Feb


How To Properly Organize That Shelf!!!

Don’t we all love our books! And how we LOVE to have them out on the open all day long, there to remind us to read them, or simply bask in the story they told! I have often pondered over the best way to organize a book shelf, and I have come to one simple conclusion…

Organizing by content is close to impossible.
This is why I love the idea of organizing by color. When I think of books, it’s never the author I remember, or even the name, but often it’s the color. I am a very visual person, and therefore this works best for me, even if it does place a series of three books apart from one another. Like Harry Potter, all over the place.
Chaos is order for some 🙂
But if it’s alphabetical your after, don’t fret. That offers an array of randomly ordered books. But there are many way to organize your shelf, all unique to you! Here are some ideas: 


1. Color
– course you have to have plenty of books. The issue I always run into is that most of mine are violet because of the type, but still, so unique!!!
2. Characters
– place them in order from favorite to least fav.
– or most villainous to least villainous
3. Star Rating! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
– I like this one. Get a sheet of those little gold stars and when you’re done reading a book, rate it by placing the appropriate star count on the spine!! Then you’ll always know what you thought!!  
4. Alphabetical
– truly classic, and an easy go to.
5. Random Disarray!
– Nothing wrong with liking it random! Just make sure you’re taking care of those beautiful works of art! They are important to us all!!!

Thank You!!!

1 Feb

I wanted to thank all my Feather readers for making this past December and January my best months yet!!! I am truly shocked, but also touched to have so many people out there becoming a part of my world 🙂 I am so excited with the job (I hardly see it as a job, it’s more like fun) I do everyday – so excited that people like you, also enjoy my work!

I promise many more GREAT stories to come, including my upcoming new series Knight Angels starting with book one: Book of Love, a teen romance sure to tickle your fancy, and disprove the cliché of most teen romances hitting the shelves these days. Something fresh, yet familiar, with no lack of all the things you came to love about the Feather Book Series

I’ve already finished the rough draft of the manuscript, and I’m sending it off to those that give me positive criticism and editing 😉 I expect to be ready to release it in March. After all, March is my birthday month!

Don’t forget that I’ve changed blogs, and I don’t want you to miss out!!!

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It has come time to move on… to a New Blog!!

14 Jan

It has come time for me to move on, and move up! Though you may not be done reading the Feather Book Series, I’ve got to start work on my new series, The Knight Angels. Because of this, I’ve set up a schnazzy NEW blog for me to move to!

Don’t fret. I know you’ll like the new one evern better!

Be sure to visit me often!


Feather Book Series: Raven…. Finally Released!!!

13 Jan

Yes, it has come that time! I just reviewed my copy of Raven today after being out-of-town on vacation – It’s Perfect! And now, it’s available for you too!!

Feather Paperback

Click on image to go directly to Amazon!

It’s time for this love to finally bloom, and for eternity to start! But for these immortal teens, life cannot be any more difficult…

A love that spans lifetimes, and defies every odd… The Feather Book Series

Also available on Kindle!!!!!


Some updates on my amazing trip to Arizona.

I’ve never been to Arizona, and in fact, I’ve never been that far south, unless you count Australia (Which I don’t). When we touched down and drove out to the rental house, I couldn’t help but secretly wonder where Stephanie Meyer lives, lol.

I can’t get enough of those cacti!!!! I love them!, like my niece says, “They’re just like people with four arms!” and she wonders what if they are? She’s 6 folks! And already she wonders about things no normal six-year-old does. She actually thought that the cacti were perhaps souls of the dead… And I wonder where I get my ideas.

I’ve been reading The Immortals series, and the most profound thing she said was that she sees colors. If you’ve read the series, then you know what I mean. I asked my niece to explain, and she went on and on about how each person has a color surrounding them, 

“Like you, aunt Abby, you’re green!”

She didn’t really say that, but she should have! I am jealous! My little psychic companion!

So aside from hanging with my exceptionally intelligent niece, I also got to hang out with my two best friends. My sister-in-law and I have known each other since we were 3! And my other best friend Amy, the light of my life and the funniest person I’ve ever met, was also in the bridal party! Oh, yeah, it was my sister in laws wedding, which you would know if you follow my Tweets!

Anyway, I’ll post some photos of me decked out in bright bright blue silk when I get the chance, lol…