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Is That…Snow?

26 Mar

Yes, it is.

I may live on the edge of nowhere.

But that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Then they say it’ll be back up into the sixties this weekend?

I don’t know about this….

I suppose I’ve lived here long enough to realize that this sort of thing happens, but want a little bit of insider trading?? I bet you anything Wheat Commodities are about to drop. I know for a fact it’s already sprouted out here on the Palouse…

Snow and Sprouted Wheat don’t mix…

Time to ‘short’ the market. (though I already am…)

Then again, maybe I’m being dramatic 🙂

Guess I’ll go back to editing…

Why is it the Holidays come Sooner Every Year?

27 Oct
Christmas decor

at least some people know how to do it up right...

I’m watching the Today show right now, and it makes me laugh to think that, yet Halloween is this Saturday, and thanksgiving still seems like a glimmer on the horizon, IHOP is already playing holiday commercials? Tasty Egg Nog Pancakes and red and green sprinkles? Hold It! I want to enjoy my leftover turkey enchiladas first! I’ll admit, I tend to get into the spirit a bit sooner than most, but its October 27th, and I’m just not sure I feel comfortable thinking about Christmas just yet. I decorated with fall decor in the middle of September, but I waited until the first frost, and where I live in a farm town, harvest was over and the fall spirit was a natural transition with bundles of dried corn and wheat.

I was talking to my mother the other morning as she was putting up christmas lights… Isn’t it an unspoken rule to wait until AFTER thanksgiving to ‘lightify’ your abode? I understand that some people get snow rather early in the season, and they want to get the lights on the gutters before Jack Frost comes and makes them slip off the roof to their death.

At least Papa Murphey’s Pizza gets it. They’re making a Jack-O-Latern pizza! I love it! I’m a stickler for their heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s day, what can I say!


Some people get way too excited.

Some people just get way too excited about the holidays. Can’t they just wear a pair of secret Santa socks and wait?

I think what really gets people excited is all the food. Why else is weight loss the number one wished for thing on New Years. Loose Clothes! Winter! YAY! Well, not me. I got the flu and lost four pounds…

October for me marked the inevitable race to make as many pumpkin pies and humanly possible. It’s my favorite, but try as I may, it’s just not the same in August.

You know what it really come down to, though? The economy. Retailers know that shoppers will be buying less this year, so they are going to try twice as hard to get people out there… Politics and Christmas… Ahhhhhh, I love the holidays.

Another Rainy Day in WriterVille…

23 Oct

It’s raining rather profusely today and I am still battling the Flu. I shut all the windows and turned on a few lamps and lit some candles, so hopefully this will bring warmth back to my life. I slept on the couch last night because I was sniffling/coughing so much and I didn’t want to bother my husband, needless to say he was angry that I slept on the couch because I am the sick one. The Jazz channel is also playing, that’s always nice. I really wish I could have a whole bottle of wine and forget about the Flu, but that doesn’t seem very responsible…

I watched one of the most disturbing movies yesterday, it was called Blindness. Unless you are into scary epidemics, don’t see it, it will haunt you. I can’t stop thinking about it. It does have a good ending, though. I’ve watched a lot of random movies lately. It seems that in the afternoons they cater to the artistic stay-at-home crowd.

I really want to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs…

Book Covers

I made new covers for the Feather Book Series the other day and shared them with the members of the Fan Club. They gave me some great feedback, so I will likely be changing them from what you see below. I even had some Fans send me fonts they thought were neat LOL. It will be hard to add everyone’s suggestions, but I am going to try. A lot of the Fans that came back with comments to the questions I asked were actually QUITE helpful. I am sure you will see the product of your answers throughout the third book.


Editor Progress:

Christina is nearly done re-editing Feather, God love her for it! (She got to go to a private Bon Jovi Concert yesterday, boooooooo, we’re all jealous). Guardian I suspect will go faster because there will be fewer mistakes, and then Raven will rock out just as fast. Right now I am shooting for a December release of Raven, DECEMBER!!!!! By then it will be snowy (for some of us) and just the right season for reading.

Feather Upgrade to Second Edition

2 Apr

Today was the official upgrade of the Second Edition of the Book One Feather on MobiPocket and Amazon’s Kindle. The first edition of Book One Feather is now only available on Paperback, sold through Amazon and the website, as well as some independant stores…

In the coming weeks, The second edition of Fetaher will also be printed in a Paperback form, so check back for expected release dates…

Book Two: Guardian, is also expected to release within the next month, do not mistake the Second Edition release of Feather with the Release of the second book in the series, Guardian. We have only made the first book better by editing it, and adding a few scenes…

Be sure to get your original first edition of Feather soon, and secure the “author’s release” all signed by me…whether you buy it from Amazon or through the website… Thanks for making the book a success, and enjoying the deep tale of forgotten and everlasting love 🙂



Another Frosty Day in Dreamland…

18 Jan

img_7126I actually got out of the house today, granted it was my backyard, but the point is, I got out. Four squirrels were fighting over an apple in my apple trees, and getting up close, allowed me to see how beautiful the frost actually was. You just plum can’t see that from the window, so it was worth the trip. Believe it or not it’s actually sunny today as well, I suppose it’s just not quite warm enough.

I was pleased that my post on starting a book helped a lot of people out, I got some good comments. I’m currently reading a book by Author Brian Rathbone, The Dawning of Power, and it’s taking my mind into a different world, and it’s interesting how that world changes my views on things in real life. His world of Godsland is unique, but then also just like ours, making the events of his novel tangable, and fun. 

I actually encourage female readers out there to give the book a read. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but then as I got into it, it turned out to be very personnable to the female reader. There’s no lack of horses, or otherwise, and so far, it’s very exciting…

Well, thats about all for today, just remember, Feather arrives in paperback in only 13 days! Reserve yours now


Does Anyone Agree That “The Day After Tomorrow” is coming true??

14 Jan

I watched this movie again last night, followed by Twister. Both tackle the idea of weather, and how we are effecting its inevitable change. It seems obvious that natural disasters are both increasing in occurrence, and strength. Sure sure, every couple of years there’s one big hurricane that destroys a bunch of things, but it seems in the last few years, there’s been a lot. Weather too. We’ve seen heavier snowfalls and floods worldwide. Snow in Vegas, and Switzerland’s lowlands as well.

It seems that things are swinging wide, severe colds to extreme highs, icecaps growing and shrinking. I had read a blog a good time back, about Iceland’s glacier’s growing, now I don’t know if I believe that, but if it were true, that would simply be amazing!

I feel that at some point, it is quite plausible that the whole world could be so thrown off balance, that something as drastic as seen in “The Day After Tomorrow” could really happen…

MORE snow…

5 Jan

I actually braved going to work today, through at least a foot and a half of fresh snow, but at that height, your car acts like a pin ball between drifts, so it’s no that bad. Someone from Australia bought an e-book from me and I was jealous. I mean, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER THERE! I remember how that was, nice sandy beaches and warm water…

Ahhh… Maybe I’ll have to go back one day