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Inspiring Songs…

18 Mar

So I got an email today from a reader (Savein, rhyms with ‘green,’ pretty name) about a song she thought reminded her of Feather. Her pick was Like a Stone by Audioslave, a personnal favorite myself. She got me thinking about other songs, some that I had already heard, but then I found a few more as well.

Here is my list, for those of you that have read Feather, all linked to a YouTube video of the song…

Like a Stone – Audioslave – Savein’s suggestion

Rise Above This – Seether – Savein’s suggestion

Fix You – Coldplay – Perfect for how Estella feels before she meets Edgar, sort of how “the light leads you home” where something lead her to Edgar and he “ignites her soul” PERFECT!

You Found Me – Fray – Sort of the feel of the whole series…

Never Say Never – Fray – GUARDIAN! I think the Fray somehow stole Book Two, read it, and then wrote this song, absolutely outlines the entire second book, BEAUTIFUL!

Unbeautiful – Lesley Roy – Perfect for Book One

Anyways, check them out, it’s fun 😉