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Why is it the Holidays come Sooner Every Year?

27 Oct
Christmas decor

at least some people know how to do it up right...

I’m watching the Today show right now, and it makes me laugh to think that, yet Halloween is this Saturday, and thanksgiving still seems like a glimmer on the horizon, IHOP is already playing holiday commercials? Tasty Egg Nog Pancakes and red and green sprinkles? Hold It! I want to enjoy my leftover turkey enchiladas first! I’ll admit, I tend to get into the spirit a bit sooner than most, but its October 27th, and I’m just not sure I feel comfortable thinking about Christmas just yet. I decorated with fall decor in the middle of September, but I waited until the first frost, and where I live in a farm town, harvest was over and the fall spirit was a natural transition with bundles of dried corn and wheat.

I was talking to my mother the other morning as she was putting up christmas lights… Isn’t it an unspoken rule to wait until AFTER thanksgiving to ‘lightify’ your abode? I understand that some people get snow rather early in the season, and they want to get the lights on the gutters before Jack Frost comes and makes them slip off the roof to their death.

At least Papa Murphey’s Pizza gets it. They’re making a Jack-O-Latern pizza! I love it! I’m a stickler for their heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s day, what can I say!


Some people get way too excited.

Some people just get way too excited about the holidays. Can’t they just wear a pair of secret Santa socks and wait?

I think what really gets people excited is all the food. Why else is weight loss the number one wished for thing on New Years. Loose Clothes! Winter! YAY! Well, not me. I got the flu and lost four pounds…

October for me marked the inevitable race to make as many pumpkin pies and humanly possible. It’s my favorite, but try as I may, it’s just not the same in August.

You know what it really come down to, though? The economy. Retailers know that shoppers will be buying less this year, so they are going to try twice as hard to get people out there… Politics and Christmas… Ahhhhhh, I love the holidays.

Things Are Finally Coming To An End…

4 Aug

Well here we are, staring down the outline and beginning to the last book in the Feather Book Series. As I am finished with my side project, I return to this labor of love to reflect on where it has gotten me. When I first started writing Feather I must admit I had no clue what I was doing, and for those of you that have been there from the beginning and have read the first edition, then you know what I mean. The Feather Book Series for me was a challenge I posed to try and turn myself (Artist with no formal grammatical training) into a writer. I’ve certainly stumbled along the way but what I’ve learned in the last nine months is that you should always have an editor (finally do! Its their job and passion to turn a story into a great read after all), to ignore the mean comments (because they’re just angry people anyways), and to try your best not to have a damaged spirit when they do come commenting because they will, remembering that what is important is that you’ve tried and will continue to try until you get it right 🙂 What I admire most are those that have been here all along with constructive criticism (J.M. Reep and Brian Rathbone: read his Book Dawning of Power :)) because they’ve really helped me to get the full perspective and the gravity of a story.

Over the past nine months I’ve had a literal crash course into the world of publishing, marketing, design and writing. I believe the third book, Raven, as well as my side project, Parallel, will be able to display how far I’ve come and how I’ve begun to conquer my bad sentance structure and obsessive use of commas and adjectives 🙂

What I can’t believe is that I turned a dream into a reality. I guess when they say, if you love something enough it will just work out, sometimes it really does. Because of the progress I have made in my own writing I am proud to say that it has also helped many others realize how easy it is to turn a dream into reality when your whole heart is in it.

Raven is due to be done in the Fall and I promise it will be a wonderful ending, perhaps with a surprise stuck in there 😉 not to mention flow much more seamlessly than Feather or even Guardian…

This is not the last you’ll see of me, I have many more stories to tell and afterall, I’m still young…

Be sure to check out Parallel, coming very very soon (at the editor!) Website Coming Soon! www.ParallelTheBook.com

Abra Ebner

Another Frosty Day in Dreamland…

18 Jan

img_7126I actually got out of the house today, granted it was my backyard, but the point is, I got out. Four squirrels were fighting over an apple in my apple trees, and getting up close, allowed me to see how beautiful the frost actually was. You just plum can’t see that from the window, so it was worth the trip. Believe it or not it’s actually sunny today as well, I suppose it’s just not quite warm enough.

I was pleased that my post on starting a book helped a lot of people out, I got some good comments. I’m currently reading a book by Author Brian Rathbone, The Dawning of Power, and it’s taking my mind into a different world, and it’s interesting how that world changes my views on things in real life. His world of Godsland is unique, but then also just like ours, making the events of his novel tangable, and fun. 

I actually encourage female readers out there to give the book a read. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but then as I got into it, it turned out to be very personnable to the female reader. There’s no lack of horses, or otherwise, and so far, it’s very exciting…

Well, thats about all for today, just remember, Feather arrives in paperback in only 13 days! Reserve yours now


When It Rains, It Pours…Working from Home

8 Jan

I’m remodeling my home, and well, it leaks. It’s literally pouring today, and water is streaming down my unsealed brand new solid Cherry front door, not cool.

But aside from the pouring rain, I’m sure all us Northwesterners have come to love, it seems my story I deas are pouring in as well. I can’t keep up, and I’ve created several outlines now and it’s hard to focus on writing Feather: Book Two “Guardian”

I’m trying to focus, I really am, but between the rain and my spratically crazy mind that won’t stop running, it seems impossible. I’m the type that starts something, usually, and ends up literally not sleeping or eating until its done, so trying to tackle two books at once is a lot to think of, and a lot of weird dreams.

I think I’ve begun to live a life when I go to sleep, since I don’t allow myself to do anything but work during the day. But the problem is, when you work at home, it’s really hard to NOT work, when it’s so accessable, and at times, exceedingly entertaining.

MORE snow…

5 Jan

I actually braved going to work today, through at least a foot and a half of fresh snow, but at that height, your car acts like a pin ball between drifts, so it’s no that bad. Someone from Australia bought an e-book from me and I was jealous. I mean, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER THERE! I remember how that was, nice sandy beaches and warm water…

Ahhh… Maybe I’ll have to go back one day

Locked In An Ice Storm…

2 Jan

Word to the wise, if the weather looks iffy, use your laptop…

it was raining yesterday, and I actually had a dream that all the snow melted, that is, until it froze, then snowed more, and it’s 32 degrees, never a good combo. So the power flickers, I loose 500 words, because once I’m on a roll, I forget to save, and auto save isn’t fast enough…

my laptop, of course, was perfectly fine, but not the same for my oven fan, it’s stuck on, and now I have to find the breaker…

Help vote on inside cover artwork!

27 Dec

so here are the choices, I need votes! 🙂





I drew them last night right before I went to bed, and I need to know if their even worth it ha ha