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Funny Review, loved it!

21 Jul

I got a review today and it cracked me up. I hope this reader doesn’t mind me singling her out, but you have to read it, made me smile 🙂


I loved Feather and Guardian and cannot wait for Raven! I have to tell you that when I read Feather, I got hooked but was screaming profanities out loud at the ending (my husband thinks that it’s funny how I react to books). I didn’t want to read Guardian, but I slept on it and got it for my kindle the next day. I got sucked in! The world you created blew my mind. I loved reading it! I was in tears by the end (my husband laughed at me again). Not many books can do that to me and I am a big reader. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us!

Editor Overload!!!!

9 Jul

I now have three people that have offered to be my editor, wow. All three are family friends snd or Clients of mine and I don’t know who to choose!!! Maybe all three, goodness knows I need it! What can I say, I make stories, not perfect grammar 🙂

We all specialize in something, like my husband says, we are all born with the equipment and knowledge for what our true path is, I guess grammar ain’t mine! But creativity sure is!!!

P.S. Sometimes authors have pen names to hide the fact they write in other genres… Check out Swiss Chocolate: Getting Dumped and Getting Even by Eva Johnson on Amazon 🙂 I promise it’s a good summer read!