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The Art of Becoming Edgar Allan Poe…Getting inside the mind of a tortured soul

31 Jan
Picture From

Picture From

My book series roughly revolves around the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and the 19th century in general. Today, as I was writing book two, I had the experience of re-creating what Edgar would have really been like, if you had met him in the flesh.

Since my book is a bit quirky, and at times funny, I decided to take Edgar’s personality to an unexpected level. A bit nutty, and a bit eccentric and self centered, Edgar tends to excite all around him. When I Wikipedia’d him, there was an old photo, and despite his undeniable look of disdain, and perhaps boredom, I played at the gentle fact, that I definitely almost sense a smirk, deep within, one that fooled everyone. I believe he merely wore a mask, played his part to enlist his work.

As one of the founding fathers of Science Fiction, I found that adding him to the Feather Book Series was a natural partnership. Besides his additions to the world of Sci-fi, he was also the first to bring the world of Mystery/Thriller, to the forefront, being the first to start the genre.

Now, I hadn’t known all this when I initially enlisted to use “The Raven” as a founding topic of Feather, but now, I find that Edgar fits more than ever into my scene, creating the perfect web of mystery, and interest.

In book two, Guardian, expect to see Edgar depicted as never before. An eccentrically happy man in his forties, the forties he never lived, but lives now. A man full of happiness, creation, and dark secrets, a man I see as myself, and more.

if your interesting in reading feather, it is currently available on Mobipocket, Amazon, and Book comes out on paperback today! and you can order through the website using the safe and secure Google checkout…

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Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, Books On Board, and Barnes and Noble





I Finally Have an Office… and I’ve run off the Hippy ghosts…

27 Jan


remodeled kitchen

remodeled kitchen

I finally have an office as of today, the extensive remodel on our bad 70’s home, turned contemporary, is finally becoming fruitful. The 3500 square foot, tear-out-all-the-wood-paneling-and-shag project has revealed many surprises, asbestos, mold, rot, leaky roof, etc etc. 


My office until today, had been the dining room table, which is never very exciting, or good, hardly the place to escape the television and write…

Along with an office I have a bedroom, no longer haunted by the swingers of it’s horrible past, and a closet large enough to fit all my husbands clothes… yes, my husbands.

I am still hoping for another snow storm to hit and tear off the deck, but considering there was already fifteen feet piled on it from the snow drifting off the roof, it now seems unlikely that I will score a new porch via insurance…bummer.


the kitchen before we tore down the wall and canned the avocado...

the kitchen before we tore down the wall and canned the avocado...



The record player, that once housed the ever delightful Neil Sedaka vinyl, is long since trashed, as well as the avocado bathroom, and mint green kitchen.

6 bedrooms are now 5, and the entire lower floor is a separate apartment all together. 

The Bomb shelter (yes BOMB shelter) under the garage is still just storage, but someday it will serve as the wine cellar, but thats still a long ways away, so the bottles continue to collect dust.

There is still a hole in the floor that looks down on the lower level and basement, but the cats rather enjoy collecting nails and dropping them down there, so I can’t yet bring myself to patch it.

All in all I’d say. Never do this, you’re crazy.

First Editions… and why I to read the original…

26 Jan

What is it about a first edition book that makes it that much better? Is it discovering a new writer before everyone else, is it the flaws and inevitable fingerprint of the author, long before the editors and media have picked it apart?

I think it’s all of these.

I love to find the flaws, and also find the beauty within those. It’s endearing when I read a bestseller, and a flaw still remains, a word said backwards or out of sequence, something ending in “ing” when it should have been “ed”

I think that when I read, or find a first edition, it’s the closest to the truth, the closest to getting inside the authors mind.

That’s why we love them, because in the end, there’s always something that gets changed, but it’s nice to say, i read the original…

Writing the end of the series…

23 Jan

Last night I was at the Washington State, UCLA basketball game, and as gripping as it was, all attention was lost as the end of my book series finally came to me. I can’t control when it happens, my mind just kicks into action and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

I started the book not really knowing where the end would be, or how it would happen, knowing that the best stories, grow overtime.

 This morning I tried to accumulate my thoughts into one page, finding that waiting until today, made it harder to write.

I think it will be the perfect ending, enough suspense for the entire series, plus some. It’s one of those series, where the end will be well deserved, and ending everyone is waiting for, and will feel wraps up the story in a way that isn’t cheesy, expected, or at all flat. It keeps you wondering about life, even after the series is shelved away in your library.

I have renewed my utter excitement for the series, and hope that, as many of you already have, you will all find yourselves enchanted by love, adventure, and magic.

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Why We Say, “The Book Was Better”… Preparation For The Movie Release of InkHeart… Jan. 23rd

22 Jan

Due to the looming release of Inkheart, (in theatres tomorrow) I have decided to revisit and old post, in an attempt to prepare myself for the possibility, that the book really is better than the movie. However, I have been wronged in the past, i.e. Harry Potter, and so far the trailers for InkHeart seem extremely intriguing…

I think overall, movie makers did a good job on this one, it pays to have a good producer, something the creators of Twilight could certainly learn from…

Here it is…

Books will never be films, and films will never be books. In my film course in college, we did a whole section on this fact. Its simple, don’t ever expect, that after reading lord of the rings, that the movie will go page by page, scene by scene. This is the magic of books!

With a book, description is powerful, but also mind food. A description triggers our imagination to create the visual worlds based of the facts we are given. Books draw you into the word where YOU are the main character, you get the chance to live another life, and be somewhere new.

Not to say a movie does not accomplish this, movies can certainly take you places, but they leave you wishing it was you who was there, you as the ring-bearer, or seventeen year old wizard, or evil accountant…

“The forest was misty…”

that can mean a million things, a movie simply erases this… creativity is dead.

do you know that, “He leaned into my neck, his breath tickling my skin as he whispered my name…” is way more powerful than just merely seeing it…

Think about it…

But I‘m not knocking movies either, some BOOKS are better as a MOVIE… Harry Potter for example, movies were amazing and I found myself enjoying them more.

But I can’t hate anythings that’s entertaining 🙂


So, lets all go see the movie with an open heart, so to speak, and I’ll let you know the outcome. I’m judging this one especially hard, because it’s quite a novel, from the mind of an exceedingly imaginative writer…

Abra Ebner

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Also On MobiPocket, Diesel Books, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

A Great Website for Freelance Designers, Illustrators, Web, and Photography. If your looking for Work, or looking for Freelancers, this is totally your site!

20 Jan

I came across this site recently, and I’ve joined the thread. Basically, you write up proposals for various client needs, right from home! For Freelance designers, it’s a dream come true. I know there are other sites out there but elance seems the most credible so far, and I love it. There are a lot of fun jobs, and you only have to apply for what suits you. The best part is that you can try it out for free! You get three proposals, but I do suggest making sure your profile is in top shape, before entering. People are probably a lot less likely to accept someone new, me for example…

Also, for all you out there looking for help with design, you can also place a request, and get logos, book covers, photography, website design, all sorts of things!!

check it out…

Another Frosty Day in Dreamland…

18 Jan

img_7126I actually got out of the house today, granted it was my backyard, but the point is, I got out. Four squirrels were fighting over an apple in my apple trees, and getting up close, allowed me to see how beautiful the frost actually was. You just plum can’t see that from the window, so it was worth the trip. Believe it or not it’s actually sunny today as well, I suppose it’s just not quite warm enough.

I was pleased that my post on starting a book helped a lot of people out, I got some good comments. I’m currently reading a book by Author Brian Rathbone, The Dawning of Power, and it’s taking my mind into a different world, and it’s interesting how that world changes my views on things in real life. His world of Godsland is unique, but then also just like ours, making the events of his novel tangable, and fun. 

I actually encourage female readers out there to give the book a read. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but then as I got into it, it turned out to be very personnable to the female reader. There’s no lack of horses, or otherwise, and so far, it’s very exciting…

Well, thats about all for today, just remember, Feather arrives in paperback in only 13 days! Reserve yours now