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A Little Christmas Funny to Get In The Spirit…

28 Nov

I love watching these, plus Mannheim Steamroller is the best!

Finally, time to relax…

28 Nov


Ah, it’s feeling really good to finally relax. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good day! My husband and I were going to deep fry our turkey this year but when we went to dig out the fryer, we realized that we hadn’t exactly cleaned it out after using it two years ago…


So despite our attempts to boil, pressure wash, and disinfect that nasty old grease out, we gave up and baked it instead.

My parents came for the holiday, and I got to try a restaurant I’ve been dying to try. Other than that, not much happened…

Book News

I got the Guardian Proof back from my editor! So the new edited Guardian will hopefully be out before Christmas! As you may have seen, the new Feather: Book One is now available! This is the final edit from my lovely and talented editor, and the new cover with photography by Christopher Soehren. He is good with dark and mysterious photography…

I can’t wait to get Guardian out as well. If you’re planning on getting a reading Feather, do wait until the newest version of Guardian comes out! The covers will all correlate, so you’ll know when it’s the right one!

Buy from Amazon Here: Feather (Second Edition, Fully Edited): Book One of the Feather Book Series





Re-Release Beginning November 2009!

Team Edward or Team Jacob? … Team Jacob, duh!

20 Nov

I am going to a Twilight/New Moon party tomorrow (Who isn’t) and the question we all ask is the same, Jacob or Edward. Now, had the book not started out with Edward, I’m sure we’d all agree that we’d like to see Jacob with Bella, not her kid… I’m a team Jacob, and I made this DETAILED chart to outline just WHY…

My Thursday Inspiration…

19 Nov

It’s a rainy day, or rather it will be. A hawk is stalking my cat as he sits in the window… I’d like to see it try. My neighbors still have Halloween decorations out. Yeah. It’s almost Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about sending out Christmas cards this year. Handmade of course. My friend is going to start decorating the inside of her house this week for Christmas! How Fun!

I saw the movie Bride Wars last night before I went to Bunco with my friends! Funny movie, funny funny… etc. Bunco was great! As always! I never win, though 😦

Got a ton of writing done yesterday, so Knight Angels: Gifted, is now at 43,136 word count! Yeah!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I released my first book!

So this song I heard with I was at lunch with my husband and in-laws yesterday. I’ve heard it lots of times before, but everytime I do it always makes me want to cry, or do something epic, lol.

So for all of ya! Here it is!

Another Great song that inspires…

17 Nov

My friend Anya reminded me of the song Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin after the post I did yesterday about their other song, Dance with the Devil, that has inspired the story behind the new book I am writing, the Knight Angel Series. She inspired me, in fact, to change the main characters name from Jules to Jane. This main Character, now Jane, has an obsession with death, and the past. Her father died in front of her in a car wreck, and for whatever reason, she survived, though she shouldn’t have. If you watch this video, it was exactly what I saw of her dreams and life, but at the time, I hadn’t even thought of it…

A Song I Can’t Seem to Get Enough Of…

16 Nov

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been engulfed in the National Novel Writing Month! The good news is that I have 35,000 words so far, and the winning goal is 50,000 but I plan to hit 70,000 for a full book! This new book is engulfing my every thought, dream, or otherwise, so that is why this song is PERFECT for my frame of mind. This song is a lot of what the whole Knight Angel Series is about. There are Twin brothers, both Angels, but one is a Dark Angel, or devil. Really great, fast paced, highschool drama and Romance! 🙂

Enjoy the song!

Abra Ebner






Dear Football… I hate you… Wait, wait, wait… I really hate you.

7 Nov

Yeah. Can I explain my anger toward football??


I hate you right now, wanna know why? Because. Just this year do I finally decide that I could love you, and yet you let me down like this? You suddenly have so many of those men, those refs, constantly checking you out, “official review.” HA, right. Official review MY ARSE! Get over yourselves and get back in the game, really.

And you, you Washington State Football teams, who do you think YOU are?? Huh? You suck. I wouldn’t say that if I knew you tried, but you won’t. Wait, no… you REFUSE to try. TRY HARDER. 

Except you, Toby Turpin, it’s like you’re the only one on the field… Good for you.

I want to see some trick plays. I want to see some returns for ninty yards. I mean, heck! I’d like to see a touchdown! Is it really so hard?

It is because of this lack of love that I must leave you. I know our affair was short and sweet, but you have let me down for the last time. Besides, you suck in bed, on the field.

I hope the future grants you more success, and the best of luck to you…




My NaNoWriMo Progress! November is National Writing Month!

4 Nov

So, this month I’m starting that new series, the Knight Angels Series! YAY! I am really cruising through this!

Words So Far: 7100 ish

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy. Angels. Shape Shifters. Dreamers

Setting: Post Apocalypse in a new world without dreaming or magic… until…

Level of Love For New Book: HUGE! This book is so fun to write so far, so fast paced! For all the Feather Fans out there, just wait till you get your paws on this! It will blow that outta the water!

Working Cover Art:

knights-cover-webI’m trying to go with a “Card” Theme. The queen of hearts, the King, etc etc. The cover will inevitably change (as I recieve your input!) So that is why it’s a “working cover”


Paranormal Romance: Parallel, by Abra Ebner

2 Nov

Happy Monday!


Buy From Amazon Here: Parallel: The Life of Patient

I’m so excited! I’ve gotten some great reviews on Amazon recently pertaining to Parallel. I know my most “known” books are the Feather Book Series, but if you haven’t caught my newest read, you really should 🙂 Parallel was written while I was in the throws of the Feather Book Series. I wrote the book after daydreaming my way through a really brutal and long baseball game in Spokane, Wa. On that day, I began to wonder what would happen if I had someone following me, someone I didn’t know, but that changed my life, almost like a Guardian Angel, but not quite, more like a Time Traveler. Now I’ve loved The Time Traveler’s Wife for as long as that books been on the shelf, but I’ve also always loved the movie The Butterfly Effect as well. Parallel takes a darker road, much like Butterfly Effect, following two people who’s lives are perilously connected by fate. Jordan, the main character is a time traveler who decides to take it upon himself to change the life of Kenzie Ashcroft, a beautiful yet tragically cursed girl with a beautiful heart. The ending is a twister, and I love it, quite possibly one of my favorite endings to write, though the Raven ending is amazing, too!

Check it out!

Abra Ebner