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Feather Upgrade to Second Edition

2 Apr

Today was the official upgrade of the Second Edition of the Book One Feather on MobiPocket and Amazon’s Kindle. The first edition of Book One Feather is now only available on Paperback, sold through Amazon and the website, as well as some independant stores…

In the coming weeks, The second edition of Fetaher will also be printed in a Paperback form, so check back for expected release dates…

Book Two: Guardian, is also expected to release within the next month, do not mistake the Second Edition release of Feather with the Release of the second book in the series, Guardian. We have only made the first book better by editing it, and adding a few scenes…

Be sure to get your original first edition of Feather soon, and secure the “author’s release” all signed by me…whether you buy it from Amazon or through the website… Thanks for making the book a success, and enjoying the deep tale of forgotten and everlasting love 🙂