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I’m lost…

27 Jun

Writing this new book has proved a challenge, a challenge that even plagues me and it was my idea ha ha. I guess when you write a book that’s psychologically thought out, it can get that way. It’s a book about time-lines and fate etc. and I ended up having to draw my own timeline just so that I could remember where things were going, and what the point of it all was.

Normally I am not the type that loves Sci-fi, but this book will be different, a twist on your classic time travel nerd read, no offense to those that love em, or nerds cause I’m a big one, I do own a copy of “The Time Machine” after all. Another love story, but more aimed at the falsity that to love someone we have to give up our own lives to do so, which is never a good thing. Chivalry, love, drama, death etc. All my favorite themes are here, even sports betting 😉

I think I got it all sorted out now though, thank God. I just need to keep in mind that word count isn’t important, it’s the story that matters… I guess the best books are like that though, looks like I’m going to have to pay the editor extra, just so I can figure out if I got it straight…

Very excited none-the-less


I finally Unpacked…

20 Jun

Do you know how it feels to have everything in your life packed up for three years??? I do. Roughly three and a half years ago my husband asked me to marry him so I packed all my stuff and moved across state. Today, finally, I unpacked it because the house was finished and the opportunity arose. I found so many things I forgot about. For anyone that’s seen the movie Dream Catcher there was a great analogy I’d like to use here. In the movie, one of the characters refers to his memory as a “Memory Warehouse” where he actually keeps files of his memories in file boxes in a sort of library. I like to believe my mind works the same way. In the movie, when  a memory no longer holds enough clout and the character needs room for new memories , he incinerates them in an incinerator. I believe we do the same, and with all the things I had packed, I did. When we got married two years ago, I got all new things and so my old things were forgotten. Opening the boxes was a total mind trip, finding things you thought were gone forever, or that you never knew you ever had, even if it was something you had all day. Amoung things I found my journals and of course those house memories I had long but forgotten, and it makes it seem as though I’m reading about someone elses life. Most of the memories I can’t even make a mental image for anymore. Just interesting, much like a time capsule I suppose…

Well, good for unpacking right??


A look at “Parallel”, Coming Late Summer…

10 Jun

Here is a brief look at my new book “Parallel: The Story of Patient #32185”



By Abra Ebner

Copyright© Crimson Oak Publishing LLC


“It is not humanity at fault,

It is he who cannot accept the world that is to blame.”


– A.E.



From a Letter found in Patient #32185 Personal Effects, Boston Memorial Hospital


            To whoever finds this,


            My name is Max Mckay and if you’ve found this than I have died.  There may be things about me that you will find strange, but if you could understand the life I’ve lived, then you will know more about the nature of my makeup. I loved a woman, plain and simple, loved her so much that I stopped at nothing to save her but that question I ask is from what? I am different from everyone, special, unique. Perhaps I am simply God’s creation, sent here to do his bidding, but perhaps I am the devil. Either way, I have seen that there is a pattern in this world and a fear so dark it could swallow the night. You cannot hope to erase all the wrong, only replace it with another. You cannot change your luck, you can only change events. My personal belongings will tell the story…



            Statement from Dr. Ashcroft, Boston Memorial Hospital

            August 3, 2009 11:56 p.m.


Agent Donnery:        How did you know him?


Dr. Ashcroft:              I met him at twenty-five.


Agent Donnery:        But it say’s here that you’ve known each other since you were six? How is that?


Dr. Ashcroft:             I met him a couple times for the first time if that makes sense. But from what I know I was twenty-five our very first meeting and he was twenty-seven. Think of it as a timeline, but you can jump from one place to the next, each place revealing something that has changed, each a parallel life of the one you were just in.


Agent Donnery:        I see, so what happened? How and why do you believe, or I suppose know, all this is true? Tell me your side of it.


Dr. Ashcroft:              It’s hard to believe, but my life was stolen from me. If I had known all along about what was happening, I suppose I would have tried to stop it, though it would have been hard. I have been lied to, led down a path that I no longer see as my own. When I was a little girl I used to think I was lucky, that all the great things in my life were God’s choice for me, but now I see that God had nothing to do with it.


Agent Donnery:        So you believe all this?


Dr. Ashcroft:              Of course I believe this, it was my reality. (pause) There is nothing left now but the stories of a man describing a life I thought was a faint memory, imprinted on my mind like a dream. When I think back I can remember it all, but it hurts too much to imagine and I still can’t believe that I fell for it, that I took the easier path and ended with a life that was false.

In the end, I suppose all I can do is live with the cards I have been dealt. I’m in love with my fate, the fate that took me on this parallel path into a place I was never meant to be. I only hope that grace can still find me here, and that I will be forgiven. After all, if God was no part of it, than I guess love is the devil’s creation.


Agent Donnery:        I see, so you loved him too?


Dr. Ashcroft:              Yes, I suppose that no matter what life, I would have always found myself drawn to him. It was fate after all.


Agent Donnery:        Will you tell us how it happened?


Dr. Ashcroft:              I can try.


Agent Donnery:        (Pause) Here, these are his journals you requested, to help your memory.


Dr. Ashcroft:              (Pause) Thanks, I (Pause) I’m sorry it’s just been a while, most of this I’ve never seen.


Agent Donnery:        I understand. (Pause) We’ve tried to make sense of it all, but unfortunately it jumps around and it seems things may be missing, or are out of order.


Dr Ashcroft:               (Laughter) Agent Donnery, I’m certain it isn’t out of order, that’s what you need to understand. (Pause) Here, let me begin.