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Parallel Website Now Active!

30 Aug


Parallel Website Now open!

The Book will be released on September 23rd and I am hoping you will all join me and be a part of this story. It has been a goal of mine for a while now to create one day (09/23/09), where all my fans can go on Amazon and help me become a bestseller šŸ™‚

Parallel was my side project that I wrote between the Second and Third books of the Feather Book Series. Since the Feather Book Series I am happy to say that, through hard work and learning, I have advanced my skills as a writer and believe I have finally written my gem šŸ™‚

Naturally, for all my Feather Fans, no worries, Raven is also on it’s way! Hopefully in time for Chirstmas!

Come check it out today…

Parallel Book Trailer…

10 Aug

Things Are Finally Coming To An End…

4 Aug

Well here we are, staring down the outline and beginning to the last book in the Feather Book Series. As I am finished with my side project, I return to this labor of love to reflect on where it hasĀ gotten me. When I first started writing Feather I must admit I had no clue what I was doing, and for those of you that have been there from the beginning and have read the first edition, then you know what I mean. The Feather Book Series for me was a challengeĀ I posedĀ to try and turn myself (Artist with no formal grammatical training) into a writer. I’ve certainly stumbled along the way but what I’ve learned in the last nine months is that you should always have an editor (finally do! Its their job and passion to turn a story into a great read after all),Ā to ignore the mean comments (because they’re just angry people anyways), and to try your best not to have a damaged spirit when they do comeĀ commenting because they will, remembering that what is important is that you’ve tried and will continue to try until you get it right šŸ™‚ What I admire most are those that have been here all along with constructive criticism (J.M. Reep and Brian Rathbone: read his Book Dawning of Power :)) because they’ve really helped me to get the full perspective and the gravity of a story.

Over the pastĀ nine months I’ve had a literal crash course into the world of publishing, marketing, design and writing. I believe the third book, Raven, as well as my side project, Parallel, will be able to display how far I’ve come andĀ how I’ve begun to conquer my bad sentance structure and obsessive use of commas and adjectives šŸ™‚

What I can’t believe is that I turned a dream into a reality. I guess when they say, if you love something enough it will just work out, sometimesĀ it really does. Because of the progress I have made in my own writing I am proud to say that it has also helped many others realize how easy it is to turn a dream into reality when your whole heart is in it.

Raven is due to be done in the Fall and I promise it will be a wonderful ending, perhaps with a surprise stuck in there šŸ˜‰ not to mention flow much more seamlessly than Feather or even Guardian…

This is not the last you’ll see of me, I have many more stories to tell and afterall, I’m still young…

Be sure to check out Parallel, coming very very soon (at the editor!) Website Coming Soon!

Abra Ebner

So I thought I had the cover figured out but now I’m not so sure… SO VOTE!

1 Aug


(A-E) I wasn't sure, I don't want the cover to look too much like "the Host" if you know what I mean...

(A-E) I wasn't sure, I don't want the cover to look too much like "the Host" if you know what I mean...




When six year old Jordan McKay dreams, he dreams big. Sitting in the park one day eating a popsicle, Jordan is suddenly launched into the future he had been manifesting in his mind. Finding himself lost and alone, he is shocked that he’d finally dreamed hard enough to make it come true. Found on the other side by a woman, she works to help bring him home, touching his soul in a way he will never forget. After dreaming himself back he learns to control this new talent, never forgetting what the woman had done for him and vowing to return the favor, even if it meant sacrificing his own life to do so.

Now bound to Jordan by fate, Kenzie Ashcroft finds her life riddled with bad dreams. Every night when Kenzie falls asleep she wakes up to a parallel life where things are not only opposite, but are eerily real. Struggling to keep the two worlds straight she grows up wondering how this happened to her and why, wondering who the shadow of a man growing up beside her really is.

Thinking life is wonderful, Jordan begins changing Kenzie’s fate, giving her everything she ever wanted and making her the woman he always thought she was meant to be. As he delves deeper into his web of time and space, however, fate sends him a curve ball and he finds that he is not alone. Followed by a girl with turquoise eyes and skin cold as death he struggles to learn who she is, what she does, and why she is here. As he gets to know this strange girl in the hopes of learning more about himself, Jordan finds that what he thought was the right thing was not in the end. In a desperate attempt to take back the wrongs he thought were right, Jordan takes the leap to trust the strange girl. It is then that Jordan’s world begins to fall apart, or does it?

Parallel begs to challenge the notion of luck and the idea that no matter what you do to force change, you cannot hope to change fate.