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So, Do you want the low down?

28 Sep

On release day, Spetember 23rd, Parallel: The Life of Patient 32185 got to number 1500 in books! That was within the top 1% of all books on Amazon, not too shabby. Thank you to all my fans and followers for supporting this little side project while I worked away on Raven. Most of you will be happy to know that while Parallel has been gaining steam, I have finished Raven and it is now going through preliminary editing!

Aside from this, I am delighted to announce that the website was nice enough to feature Parallel for the month of October! How exciting to be grouped with them! They found me and befriended me here, on good ole WordPress. I guess blogging really is the way to get noticed! Check out their site for TONNES of books that are similar to the feel Twilight gave! How exciting…

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Back To The Feather Book Series…

24 Sep
Raven On My Computer

Raven On My Computer

Okay, I had my fun with Parallel, but now it’s back to Raven! I don’t have a cover yet, and I will be figuring out just what it will be with those that are members of the Feather Fan Club as soon as I can come up with something. If you can believe it, I am actually almost done with Raven! I have roughly 57,000 words, a good start, but of course I’m not finished, Raven will likely end up being a touch longer than all the others, a good thing. I always add about 10,000 when I go back to edit, so likely 80,000 words?

So far, Raven seems to have a mind of its own. The end is developing a little differently than planned, but this is a good thing. I hope you all are in for a treat, and have an open mind. I had one fan ask if there would be a fourth book, there won’t, but the ending sure is leaving a lot of story in and of itself. I may do a spin off after all this, but I do also have another story idea I am anxious about, but considering the fact that in the last 9 months I’ve written 5 books, I figure I’ll get them all out in the next year.

Raven will be split into parts, or at least it will feel that way. Since my experimentation with different writing forms in Parallel, I got gutsy. I’m sure you all understand, however, that Feather Book Series was always meant to be a growth-showing book series, being that it was my first. Parallel was a wonderfully thought out book, unlike the Feather Series so I will be curious to see how they both end up comparing in the end…

Though I am still buzzing with excitement over my Parallel project and how well it did yesterday, I do need to refocus and get back to Raven. I want to have it out in the next two months, so when you are done with Parallel, there should be something else waiting for you!

Don’t forget to leave me reviews! I love to hear back from you guys on Amazon, and I love to know that you’re all out there somewhere!


Watch My Back On Authonomy!

23 Sep

Hey Ya’ll. Ever wish you could see me be a real author?? Not Just Self Published. If you do than you’re a true fan of my work! I love ya! Here is another spectacular and easy way you can help me out, just “Back My Book” on, Harper Collins way of finding self-published talent! Love me enough, they just might review me, and then next time you can pick my book up at a regular old book store!!! Leave me comments, be my friend!

Here’s the link 🙂 Parallel’s Authonomy Profile

Do You Digg Me?

23 Sep

It’s like asking to get married right?? Well, do ya?? Then proove it, digg me HERE

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I am Successful, at least for a self-published author…

23 Sep

Already at #6,103 in All Books on Amazon! That’s a jump of 23,000 books in the last hour!

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PARALLEL Now Available! Come Help Rush Amazon!

23 Sep

Parallel is now available on Paperback and Kindle! Yes! The Kindle Made it for the special release price of $5.99! Today is the rush day, and as you may know we are offering you the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card if you order your copy today! Details HERE.

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Parallel On Kindle May Release Late…

22 Sep

Due to Kindle’s new policies, Parallel: The Life of Patient 32185 may release later than expected (Thursday or Friday) So be patient, it is coming, and we will still honor the release discount price of $5.99 for the next week!

If you’re looking for the paperback, though, this is on schedule, buy after midnight tonight to be eligible to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! See website for more details…